Fall is the crisp season in many parts of the country – falling leaves or thoughts of Thanksgiving all give the feeling of coziness and may affect your home decor. Real estate agents recommend that you make this a season of strong fall home maintenance, but it’s also a great time to make the inside and outside of your house beautiful and truly fall fabulous.  You do not need major construction, change the front door for example, or add luxurious sliding glass walls for an instant upgrade. 

Before You Hang Halloween Decorations, Power Wash That Siding

Dressing up the house for the holidays can be a fun family tradition, but before you get things up there, make it a point to spend a day power washing your siding. It’s both going to look that much better afterward and it’s just good for your home: mold, mildew, and dirt can adhere to siding and become very tough to remove if siding isn’t periodically washed. Just make sure you use a low-pressure nozzle or a 40-degree angle so that you don’t damage siding that is more delicate, like wood or stucco. You’ll also want to aim from at least six inches away – any closer and that power washer could wash away parts of your siding! 

Choose Decor that Can Transition from Fall to Winter

We’re all busy, so consider which items in your decor can quickly shift. Weaving an orange and red ribbon into a wicker wreath, for example, can make a great fall door hanging, but switching in a red and green ribbon would be all you’d need to do to transition to Christmas. Similarly indoors, you can often create a pretty candle display for fall and just switch out a couple of scents to make the scene more wintery after the fall has passed. Another transition you may consider in the future is to upgrade your resident status to become a landlord. If so, keeping the decor neutral will be beneficial to your property investment as bold colours and decorations might not be to your future tenants’ taste.

Aim for Soft, Cozy Items in Your Interior for the Cold Months

The name of the game in fall is cozy and comfy, so make sure the decor is soft and easy to snuggle into. This means autumnal throw pillows, blankets, chair covers, and covers for beds. You’ll be glad you picked out soft items when the weather turns cooler and your family snuggles down for a fall movie night on the couch.

Natural, Warm Tones and Blues Work Great For Fall Decor

Leaf colors, from bright goldenrod to orange to brown, look great during the fall, but you can also do a lot with cornflower blue and other dark blues. Aim for fall decorations that accent natural tones in your home. You can take advantage of any long-term decorations by including some beautiful canvas wall art.

You know your home best, but in addition to choosing a few new accents to really make the decorations in your house pop, little practical tips like power washing siding really can do a lot. Once you’ve put together a fabulous fall set-up, you’ll be able to enjoy your new fall look in comfort. When you pair a little maintenance with a lot of beautiful design sense, your future self is likely to thank you, especially if at some point you decide to sell this home and buy a new place!