This review posted on Kellylyl Reviews shares every detail about the many items it offers and also the quality of the site.

Do you want to buy your favorite clothes on the internet? Are you in search of trendy clothes that will suit your preferences? If so, then this website is designed specifically for you. It is a retailer of the latest trendy clothes. The website was created by the United States.

In this post on Kellylyl Review We will concentrate on the specifics of the website in order to assess the value for shoppers. Read the blog in the following.

What is

The site is a must-visit for shoppers in the latest fashionable clothing for men as well as women. The goal of the site is to make its customers feel confident and at their best. It offers a wide selection of the most fashionable fashions to check out like T-shirts, Hoodies, Formal dresses and many more. They are of high-quality. clothing is impressive and extremely comfy to put on. However, since it sells each item online, the customer wants to be aware whether Kellylyl legit or is it a fraud online shopping site.

Things to consider:

  • The URL of the Webpageis
  • The website was launched on03/09/2020.
  • It will be expired on 03/09/2022
  • E-mail Account Accounts with Email
  • Address of the companyThere is no information about the location of the business is available.
  • Delivery serviceIt will deliver the package within 3-7 working days.
  • Custom rateNo information regarding custom duties is offered on its website.
  • Service for ExchangeIt lets you use exchange services on its products.
  • Limit on delivery free of chargeIt offers free delivery on any product greater than $39.
  • Standard Delivery: Delivering the product using standard shipping takes between 7 to 7 days.
  • Web creator information Web creator details As per Kellylyl reviews the details of the creator of the Web is provided.
  • Social networking presence-No logo of a social networking site is displayed on the home page.
  • Number to callIt is not available in specific information on its number.
  • The possibility of return service is available.Return service is permitted within 12 hours after order delivery.
  • Payment methodMasterCard Card, PayPal, Visa etc.

Merits of

  • It has also provided its Email Id for customer service.
  • It has a variety of options for payment options to make it easier for customers to pay.
  • It offers free delivery for its products.

Demerits of

  • It has not disclosed any information regarding its web developer.
  • It has not yet shared its customer service.
  • It doesn’t have a logo of a social media site on its website.

Is Kellylyl Genuine or is it a fraud website?

Since it sells all of its products on the internet, buyers should scrutinize every part of the website to verify its credibility prior to purchasing. Additionally, the following factors will assist in determining its credibility.

  • The page’s date of presence:The domain existed on 03/09/2020.
  • Phone details: No information on phone details are available.
  • Duplicate content percent: The percentage of content copied from other websites is zero 0.1%.
  • Trust points:The trust point of the web site is not good with only 27 percent.
  • Name of the web’s creator:No web creator details are available.
  • Social logo for the site:As per Kellylyl Reviews There is no social site logo appears on their homepage.
  • Location of the website: No information on the company’s address is provided on the site’s webpage.
  • World Alexa rating:It has received a global Alexa rank of about 4226780.
  • Discount price: This discount rate offers affordable discount on its items.
  • Terms and Conditions: The web portal has created separate pages to provide those terms and conditions.
  • Refund details:Refund is processed to the customer’s account within 5-10 weeks.
  • Time for cancellation of orderThe order may be cancelled prior to the delivery of the item.
  • Information on Non-RefundingNo details about non-refundable items are on the home page.

Kellylyl Reviews :

There are no customer reviews or ratings for the products. Comparatively to other websites, the Alexa rank of the website is in the range of #4226780. The web portal also doesn’t have a social logo. Additionally, there aren’t any reviews of its products on social or online websites. The following are the steps to take by buyers: everything you need to Be aware of about the Paypal Scam

Summing Up:

The website doesn’t have an online marketplace experience. There aren’t many customers for its goods. The website has a poor credibility score. Furthermore, the portal is also devoid of Customer reviews and reviews on the homepage and there is no social-media logo at the top of its page, as per the Kellylyl reviews.

This is a fraudulent web site that we recommend buyers beware of these shopping websites. Customers should take note of the following guidelines: Everything You Need to Be Aware of Credit Card Fraud

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