If you’ve ever hauled your vehicle on a shipping truck, you probably know the benefits of this service. If you haven’t used this service yet but know you’ll need it soon, it’s good to get some knowledge before hiring a carrier in Oklahoma.

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You probably have many doubts because vehicle transport is an unknown field. That’s why you’re interested in everything, from how the vehicle transport itself is performed to how much this service costs. We’ll try to explain the main details in brief, which is enough knowledge to start looking for favorable shipping deals.

How to Ship Your Vehicle in Oklahoma

There are several ways you can get your four-wheeler to the desired location. It’ll depend on where you go, how much time you have, and how big your budget is. Some options are more convenient but costlier, while others are more accessible but need more involvement.

For starters, you can drive your car, and that’s a good option if you’re in for a road trip and have a lot of free time. If you don’t have enough experience, you can ask someone to drive you. Remember that this option adds a lot of miles to your vehicle, and let’s not forget wear and tear.

So, if you want to spare your vehicle from a long trip, you can ship it. You can do it by rail, truck, boat, and plane. The last two methods are convenient when traveling overseas, but plane transport costs quite a lot and isn’t worth it for short-term hauling. The boat is cheaper, but the journey takes longer.

The railway is the most economical, but also definitely the slowest form of transport. Finally, shipping your car by truck brings the best of all worlds. It doesn’t last too long, doesn’t cost much, and offers maximum convenience and peace of mind.

How Much Car Shipping Costs

We’ll focus on car shipping by trucks because most people choose that service to transport their vehicles within the state and across the country. In general, carriers factor in many things when determining their shipping rates. Some of these factors are “external,” such as fuel and toll prices, while others are created by the company itself. 

Carriers provide different shipping prices for different car types. Larger vehicles take up more space and weight capacity, so their transport costs more. Then, it matters the car’s condition and whether it requires special transport (if broken, for instance). Finally, seasonality, i.e., the time of year when you need shipping service and urgency also affects price formation.

In case of express shipping, pay a few bucks more, and a carrier can pick up your car tomorrow and haul it to the desired location. As for the shipping period, peak seasons mean higher prices for transportation services, and most often, it’s in spring and summer. In autumn and winter, carriers often lower prices because not many people decide to ship their vehicles when the weather is bad.

What Services Can You Get?

The first and most requested service shippers in Oklahoma provide is transporting vehicles in an open trailer (more info on this page). Depending on a trailer, it can host up to dozens of cars, which lowers the price of the service. And the sooner the carrier fills up the space in the trailer, the sooner they’ll go on their way.

In case you need more exclusive service, shippers in Oklahoma offer enclosed transport for old timers, rare vehicles, sports, and expensive cars. These trailers only fit two to three cars, which is why it takes more time to fill them. But if you’re ready to pay more for this service, your metal pet will be maximally protected during transport.

How Long Shipping Takes

Delivery time is one of the key factors when choosing a carrier in Oklahoma, especially if you need your four-wheeler at your new address on time. But this parameter depends on many other things, so guaranteeing car delivery is a slippery field for every transportation company.

Clients want a definite delivery time, but that’s rarely possible. Shippers in Oklahoma disclaim liability by giving their customers an estimated delivery time, which can be from a couple of days to three weeks. The reason is that transportation companies only start their journey after filling their load, which can sometimes cause delays.

Do You Need Insurance?

Long-distance transport carries some risks, so you must protect your car. Trusted auto transport Oklahoma companies have proper liability insurance, which gives their clients additional security. So, in most cases, you don’t need to buy an extra policy. In case of vehicle damage during transport, carrier’s insurance (included in the shipping cost) means you’re covered.

Vehicle shipping in trucks is a convenient, affordable, and simple method of transporting your vehicle across the country. By shopping around and researching the offer, you can run into great deals that can save you a few bucks.