With less than two weeks of writing this article, the 2023 MLB postseason is fast approaching. MLB fans are on the hunt for their MVP favorites. Also, the schedule for playoffs was announced, but it was not until after the World Series that the MVP award would be rewarded. 

You can say it will be a long wait for everyone. Until then, a long list of favorites is listed every day, and if you’re wondering who are the current top players in the regional leagues, here’s a helpful list for you.

American League (AL) MVP

The American League this 2023 MLB season is not up for too much fight. Los Angeles Angels pitcher, hitter, and outfielder Shohei Ohtani was a sure AL MVP favorite and made significant odds from the other favored players. 

However, everything changed after he concluded his 2023 MLB season early due to an injury. This unfortunate incident has given other players more chances of winning the title instead. However, are there efforts already enough to surpass the highly favored Shohei Ohtani?

Shohei Ohtani

You might be surprised to see Shohei Ohtani on this list, especially after his elbow surgery, which ended his season. AL’s MVP award was favored for the player, but due to the incident, many sportsbooks have pulled out Ohtani’s names for this season. 

Despite his outstanding performance before the incident, Los Angeles Angels Ohtani remains the top favorite for the MVP award in the AL in some sportsbooks. As of writing this article, his FanDuel MLB odds are at -20000, considerably good compared to the other players from this league.

Corey Seager

The Texas Rangers shortstop Corey Seager has the closest chance of challenging the AL MVP favorite, Ohtani. However, despite significant efforts, some fans consider it not even close. However, with many bookies reconsidering Ohtani’s early conclusion this season, Seager might even be a dark horse, considering he also made a great impression by slashing .334/.396/.645 and 31 home runs. 

Julio Rodriguez

The Seattle Mariners star Julio Rodriguez faced several difficulties earlier this season when he only had 13 home runs and 18 stolen bases in their team’s first 78 games. His slash line (.238/.302/.407) was dragging behind the other AL MVP favorites in this list. 

However, this player eventually improved his play and lifted Seattle’s 36-42 to 35-13 in June and July. However, would this be enough to completely overthrow super favorite yet currently injured Ohtani and black horse Seager?

National League (NL) MVP

Unlike the AL, the NL has a closer and more competitive race for the MVP award. Many fans have locked their favorite NL MVP vote for Acuña for several reasons, including his excellent and consistent performance in many categories in all seasons. However, would this be enough to be discouraged by the other players? Here are the candidates for the MLP favorites in NL to learn more.

Ronald Acuña Jr.

Although it took Atlanta Braves outfielder Ronald Acuña around two weeks to be back on top of this list, he’s still struggling to keep a stable position, especially after Mookie Betts’ appearance. Nonetheless, records and stats don’t lie. 

Aside from the fact that he helped the Braves lock up the NL East in the remaining weeks left in the regular season, Acuña has become the favorite as NL MVP after garnering 101 RBI, BA of .337, and AB of 621 just in 2023 alone. This player also holds a slash line of .333/.417/.586. This alone clears him as the favorite player for the NL MVP title. 

Mookie Betts

Following Acuña closely is the Los Angeles Dodgers right fielder Mookie Betts. This player threatens Acuña, being the top favorite to win the 2023 NL MVP award and once hitting more home runs and RBIs than him. He is one of the primary rivals to Braves outfielders this season and makes their decision-making even harder.

Note that despite his excellent performance overall, if you consider his stats recently, Mookie Betts has gone cold in September. He only made a few home runs and RBIs compared to his record before. Still, in a general lens, Betts is still running strong for the NL MVP’s favorite title this season.

Matt Olson

Compared to Acuña and Betts, Matt Olson is also a fair favorite for people who don’t want to take Acuña’s odds into account. Atlanta Braves first-baseman Olson had a relatively good batting average of .393, RBI of 129, and 52 HR, which makes him great enough to be on this list, though fans wonder if he even has a shot at winning the NL MVP. If not, who else could overthrow the other two?

Final Thoughts

The MLB series is one of the most exciting national sports games a fan can watch. It doesn’t only bring exciting games, but the close rivalry heats everything even more. So, if you plan to cast your votes for AL and NL MVPs this season, you should watch your favorite until the postseason. Do you see them on this list? If you do, this article should be beneficial to you.