Located just 5 miles north of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in Sevier County, Tennessee, is the quaint mountain resort city of Pigeon Forge. Pigeon Forge is a popular tourist destination with a lot to offer in terms of amusement, entertainment, and food, with attractions including museums, theme parks, and distilleries. However, one of the best-kept secrets of Pigeon Forge is the Junction 35 Spirits Kitchen & Bar. Quietly tucked away on Teaster Lane just off the main Parkway, Junction 35 is only a few minutes away from some of the major attractions at Pigeon Forge and is hence a must-visit during your trip!

Initially starting as a distillery, Junction 35 soon added a Kitchen & Bar to the establishment, serving traditional as well as modern American cuisine. Over the past few years, the restaurant has gained immense popularity due to the fantastic food and service. Thus naturally, Junction 35 has thereby become a favorite among locals looking for a great dining experience. From gorgeous burgers to mouthwatering slow-cooked barbeques, Junction 35 has undoubtedly become one of the best restaurants in Pigeon Forge. However, if you’re at Junction 35 and wondering what to order, let us be your guide. Depending on what you’re in the mood for, Junction 35 has something for everyone. 

Delicious, Smoky BBQ

Truly as delicious as the name sounds, the Smoked Meat BBQ Trays at Junction 35 are a phenomenal choice for meat lovers. With plenty of meat options to choose from, including the Texas Beef Brisket, Sausage, and Pulled Pork, there is no limit to the variety on offer. However, our personal recommendation would be the Montreal Beef Brisket – a Canadian specialty with an American twist. The smoked beef BBQ trays are served with garlic bread and a choice of two sides from an array of over 10 options. If you know how to appreciate a good slow-cooked barbeque, do not miss out on the BBQ tray!

The Best Burger You’ve Ever Had

Another favorite among patrons is the Angus burgers at Junction 35. Termed incredible with regards to taste, quality, and portion size, we just can’t get enough of the burgers! There are multiple options available, from the traditional Classic or Farmhouse flavors to the gourmet Black and Blue or the Bacon Jam Patty Melt. From our experience, you can’t possibly go wrong with the burgers at Junction 35 even if you tried, as each option is distinctively flavorful and unbelievably juicy. Served with a choice of 1 side, the Angus Burgers at Junction 35 are sure to be the best burger you’ve ever had!

Chicken Lovers Galore

Of course, there’s always the possibility that you or one of your eating partners is not a fan of red meat. However, fret not – Junction 35 is more than just a barbeque joint. With several poultry options in both appetizers, entrees, sandwiches, and pasta, there is bound to be something that chicken lovers can enjoy! Depending on whether you want a stand-alone entrée, sandwich, or pasta, with any of the above choices, we guarantee that you will not be disappointed! Our top picks are the Smoky Mountain Chicken, the Tennessee Hot Chicken Sandwich, and the Blackened Chicken Alfredo.

Surf and Surf

Do you prefer seafood over meat and chicken? Great, here’s what’s on offer, especially for you! With a selection of shrimp and salmon delectable enough to put any regular Surf and Turf to shame, Junction 35’s seafood options are sure to satisfy those adventurous taste buds. We recommend trying the Grilled Shrimp Skewers, seasoned to perfection and given a garlic butter glaze. Undoubtedly, the skewers are both healthy and flavorful and will leave you wanting more!

Vegan Wins

With all the delicious meats, you are bound to think that Junction 35 is no place for vegans. However, you would be very wrong in making this assumption. With an inclusive menu, Junction 35 also offers vegan and vegetarian options in appetizers, salads, pasta, and even a vegetarian (customizable vegan) burger! The Strawberry Fields Salad and the Tomato Basil Pasta are the most popular options. However, feel free to try other vegetarian items on the menu!

Family Fun

The Junction 35 Kitchen and Bar prides itself on being an establishment with roots in the local community. As such, the restaurant believes in being a family-friendly place that caters to kids as well. So whether your little one is in the mood for pasta, a grilled cheese, or just yummy chicken tenders; Junction 35 has it all! The Kids’ Menu contains all the kids’ favorites.

Sweet Tooth

After a delicious meal at Junction 35, you are bound to have a sweet craving. Well, why not try one of the homemade desserts available at the restaurant itself? With the option between a decadent Peach Moonshine Cobbler, full of warm, fruity tones, and a rich Chocolate Bourbon Brownie, baked to perfection – your only concern will be how to pick one! Easy solution – get both! We promise you’ll thank us later! Served with ice cream, both the sweet treats on offer are beyond delicious and are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Final Words

We’re pretty sure that by now, you can’t wait to visit Junction 35 and try out all that’s on offer for yourself! With a perfect blend of delicious food and Southern hospitality, Junction 35 promises an experience unlike any other. The ideology and passion behind the establishment are shared by the staff, who leave no stone unturned in making your visit as pleasant as possible. So pop in for great food, a wonderful ambiance, and fantastic people at the best restaurant in Pigeon Forge!