Imagine that you made the most delicious cake batter. But you have nothing to mix it with, so you end up with a lumpy mess. On top of that, your cake ends up misshapen because you don’t have the right pan to bake it in.

No matter how good you are at baking, you need the right tools to make your treats taste and look delicious.

Whether you’re a new baker or are just looking to step up your baking game, there are a few baking essentials you shouldn’t be without in your kitchen.

Keep reading to learn about the top nine baking essentials every baker should have.

1. Measuring Cups and Spoons

One of the most important essentials for baking is that you have the right measuring tools.

First of all, you need to get a variety of measuring cups. Make sure to get measuring cups for at least 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, and 1 cup. If you’ll need to be converting measurements often, keep a measurement conversion table handy.

Measuring cups can come in metal, glass, or plastic. Metal is the most durable, so this is a good option if you put your measuring cups in the dishwasher often.

For measuring spoons, make sure to get at spoons with 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 1 tablespoon, and 1 teaspoon measurements.

2. Parchment Paper

Parchment paper is another essential for those who bake often. Parchment paper usually comes in a roll and gives you a non-stick surface for your baking needs.

Not only can you use parchment paper to make pastries, but you can use it as an easy clean-up option when baking anything for lunch or dinner, such as fries or chicken.

Aside from rolls, parchment paper can be circular or square to fit different sizes of baking pans, such as these examples of parchment

3. Stand Mixer

No home kitchen is complete without the right mixer. 

The advantage of a stand mixer is that you don’t have to hold it. This is especially useful if you’re mixing thick batter that would hurt your hands otherwise or jam a hand mixer.

Another advantage of a stand mixer is that you can add all sorts of attachments, from bread kneaders to attachments that shape pasta.

If you’re on a budget, you can get a hand mixer, which will get you similar results.

Keep in mind that a hand mixer does involve some hand movement on your part and is more tiring to use than a stand mixer, so be careful if you have any injuries. 

4. Spatula

Spatulas are a great multi-purpose tool that you can use for tasks from getting all the icing out of a bowl to gently folding flour into egg whites. 

If you find that you are often icing cakes or cupcakes, get a pack of spatulas that have two or three different sizes. You can use the large spatulas to get mixtures out of bowls or to mix delicate batters. For large spatulas, make sure they are made of rubber and that the material isn’t too hard.

You can use the small spatulas to ice cakes and cookies. The rubber on these should be a little harder to make it easier to move and shape the icing on your desserts.

5. Whisk

Another essential piece of kitchen equipment is the whisk. While you can whisk things with a fork, a whisk incorporates everything better. It’s also easier to beat items like eggs with a whisk (and takes less effort).

Whisks are also great for mixing dry ingredients when you’re in a hurry.

The benefit of getting a whisk is that you can use it for baking and cooking, making it a versatile kitchen tool for anyone.

6. Rolling Pin

Rolling pins are most often used to roll out pastry dough, bread dough, and for incorporating butter into puff pastry or tart crusts.

But rolling pins are also great to have if you don’t have a food processor. If a recipe calls for breadcrumbs or anything crushed, you can put these items into a Ziploc bag and press the rolling pin over them.

7. Mixing Bowls

Any baker needs at least two mixing bowls. This is because most recipes ask you to mix wet and dry ingredients separately before you mix them together.

Metal is a great option if you need to beat egg whites often, as a cold metal bowl helps them to firm up.

You can also get mixing bowls made out of plastic or glass. It’s a good idea to get at least one bowl that’s heatproof in case you need to microwave it or melt chocolate over boiling water on the stove.

8. Baking Pans

One of the keys to baking at home is that you have the right baking pans. Some essential baking pans include a flat baking sheet, a springform pan, a round baking pan, and a square baking pan.

If you can only get one of each right now, make sure they’re different sizes so that you have the most variety.

For example, springform pans usually come in 9-inch sizes, while square pans can come in small sizes for items like brownies.

9. Wire Rack

One piece of baking equipment a lot of beginner bakers ignore is the wire rack. While you can cool your cookies or cakes in the pan themselves, remember that the pan is hot and this means your food is still baking.

This could result in the bottom of your cookies or the sides of your cake becoming crunchy and overcooked.

A wire rack helps the air to circulate all around your baking, which helps it cool on all sides.

Up Your Baking Game With These Nine Baking Essentials

The right baking equipment can be all you need to elevate your baking and impress everyone you bake for.

And getting this equipment doesn’t have to overwhelm you, nor break the bank. With these nine baking essentials, you’re well on your way to baking treats so good they’ll taste (and look) like they just came from the bakery. 

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