Memory foam is used for this keyboard pad, and our wrists are protected by ergonomics for this keyboard pad.

We use this keyboard pad to keep our wrist rest pad attached to our desk when we work before the computer. The keyboard pad is filled with a soft memory foam pad, allowing us to type comfortably. You can only move your wrist at a certain angle, no matter how fast you are moving.

An ergonomic design enhances comfort and productivity, allowing you to stay “in the zone” for optimal performance. The sleek profile needs little desk space and can easily be picked up and moved around.


The long size fits the keyboard.

The keyboard pad’s size is 400*60mm, and its weight is 300 grams, so it has ample space to support two wrists simultaneously for pain relief and easy typing.

Non-slip Pu base

A non-slip PU base keeps this keyboard pad from moving or sliding when sitting beside the keyboard. Your wrist will rest when you are typing when this keyboard pad is next to the keyboard. 

Memory foam fills inside.

The keyboard pad allows our wrist rest to stick to the desk because it is filled with sufficient soft memory foam. No matter how fast and what angle you move your wrist, it will stay there.

Comfortable material fabric

Make our wrist rest pad stick to your desk thanks to PU base with no-slip properties and memory foam filling. No matter how fast and what angle you move your wrist, it will stay there.

It makes your desk look professional; the mouse wrist cushion fits office work and casual PC gaming usage. Like a satin pillow on your wrist, the keyboard support bar makes your desk look elegant. Keep your wrists in the zone with wrist rests that provide comfort and support.

A non-slip PU Base, filling with soft Silicone, allows our wrist rest pad to adhere to your desk, while an ultra-smooth and comfortable fabric provides excellent comfort.

The wrist will always stay in place regardless of how quickly and at what angle you move it. Rubber keyboard pads use rubber as a cushion for your wrist. Get into the zone with wrist rests that support your form and provide comfort.

This gel keyboard pad non-skid backing holds the pad firmly in place to prevent slipping while it’s being used.

  • By releasing accumulated tension while typing using this wrist rest keyboard pad, you’ll feel a soothing sensation and prevent wrist and hand injuries.
  • This keyboard pad can be used for office and home use, playing games, etc.

They are designed to prevent wrist and hand injuries by providing a soothing sensation while typing, releasing the tension, and releasing accumulated tension.

When we work in front of the computer, this keyboard pad is used for the keyboard. It is filled with good soft Silicone, allowing our wrist rest pad to stick to the desk.