In today’s busy world, doing something on your own has become quite a tiresome and troublesome task. From dinner to travel to education to employment, we have been given the responsibility of completing the task and fulfilling our demands to someone other than ourselves. Don’t have time to cook, or is it too much of a task for you? Order online or eat out. Want to study abroad but don’t really understand the procedure to be followed? Hire an education consulting agent. Want to travel but are too confused about different price structures of flights and hotels available on the internet? Hire a travel agent, and he will book the best possible bundle for you. Want to get new blood in your company, but your business is too involved in a project or doesn’t have the necessary funds to organize job fairs? Hire a permanent recruitment agent! Get the point?

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Permanent recruitment in Dubai has been going through the agents and the consultants for quite some time now. The name’s true meaning is understood after reading it once but follow this article if there’s anything you still don’t understand or, better yet, just to know how to better utilize this service that your country provides.

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Running a business with your most influential and essential resource doesn’t seem to be a good choice, right? That resource is the human resource, which, with its magic, makes every other resource work to its advantage.

Selecting a candidate can be a time-consuming crunch-based process. It’s said that retaining a client is cheaper than adding a new one. The same goes for the employees too. Hiring a new employee is quite an extensive and expensive process on its own if we forget about the setting up of traditional job fairs. These third parties, known as the permanent recruitment consultants, make sure that businesses get just the best without feeling that their time or money was wasted.

Steps involved in a recruitment process

Below mentioned are the 8 phases of the recruitment process of any business:

1.         Identifying hiring needs

2.         Preparing job description

3.         Talent search

4.         Screening and shortlisting

5.         Interviewing

6.         Evaluation of performance

7.         Pushing out the Offer of Employment

8.         Induction of new employee

A robust recruitment agency takes care of the first 4 stages and then drives the candidate’s profile ahead to the organization. There the HR of the company interviews them and evaluates their performance. After this, some agencies even help the companies to push out the offer letters to the selected candidates as well as take care of the induction process.

This way, the company looking for new employees doesn’t have to dip their toes in the market themselves to pick out fish they like, metaphorically. The final say is obviously reserved with the business, but all the hard part is accomplished by the agents.

A comprehensive look at how a recruitment agency can help your operations

Here are the reasons why hiring a permanent recruitment agency is the sound decision for a continuous business procedure:-

●          It reduces cost exponentially: There will be no need to pay for a marketing piece to advertise that you’re hiring employees. Furthermore, organizations don’t need to regulate thorough selection tests. After selecting a recruitment agency there is no need to buy additional software.

●          It will save time and let the business focus on its day-to-day more: Hiring new employees shouldn’t hamper a going concern’s daily activities, but sometimes it does. Not any more, by hiring an agency, your business will not have to suffer missing deadlines because you have assigned a team or two to find fresh blood in the market.

●          It will give entrance to a brighter pool of applications: Even if a company’s reach or prestige in the market is low, an agency’s reach is always greater. This enables an organization to prepare the manifold program of applications without any hassle. Some companies may not be that famous in the market to attract highly qualified applications, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is any less than its competition; maybe its work-life balance is much higher. Because of their footing in the market, companies like these fail to attract good quality applicants, which can be solved by hiring an agency.

How is a contract staffing agency different from a permanent recruitment agency?

It’s in the name – recruitment is different from staffing. Staffing focuses on filling the gaps in the office by increasing the staff, doesn’t matter on a permanent, temporary, or remote basis. It is the entire process. In comparison, recruitment is a comprehensive process where an applicant is converted into a full-time employee with benefits to ensure his retention in the business after an extensive search in the market. Recruitment takes time, and in a way, staffing is done in between or after the recruitment process. That’s why these agencies take care of the recruitment process as they develop the job description depending on their client’s needs and go into the market to find the right candidates.

These agencies comprise some of the best HR professionals working that are focused on hiring employees for other businesses, also called their clients. That’s how they function- they charge a small fee from the companies either after the recruitment process is completed or when they bring applications to them or on a contract basis.

Conclusion: A future of Efficiency

Some people are reluctant to go through the process laid down by a third-party agency when they have applied to another company altogether. It’s all good and a very trusted process that has been in practice for quite some time now. If the job seekers can’t get right with this, then they will have a major problem in the future, seeing how more and more companies are outsourcing their recruitment needs to permanent recruitment consultants. It’s a win-win for everybody; the agencies charge a small fee and, in turn, give the companies a rich pool of human resources to choose from. It’s the future of efficiency!