Sugar dating is openly discussed nowadays, and it’s not taboo for younger men to seek wealthy older women, a.k.a. sugar moms. That desire to make life better by dating someone rich isn’t anything new. But the ways of meeting sugar moms have changed. When most sugar moms of today started dating, everything was happening offline. Fancy events were the only option for younger people seeking single sugar parents. It goes without saying that most people never had a chance to start a sugar relationship. But today, things are different because of the internet. Online dating gives everyone a fighting chance, so even guys who live in the middle of nowhere can connect with sugar moms. The key is joining niche sites where wealthy women seek young partners. Don’t just join random platforms; that might be a waste of time. Pick one of the sites with modern search algorithms and AI because they (are supposed to) give quick results. We’ll reveal if that’s true later. First, you have to understand how algorithms work.

How Modern Algorithms Work?

Matchmaking algorithms in the past worked based on the score they’d assign to every profile on a dating site. That score would come from calculating various data provided by online dating members. It could lead to numerous mistakes, so some users would get bad results. Modern algorithms are similar to that, but yet much different. For starters, members don’t get a score anymore. Now algorithms work based on activity, which wouldn’t be possible without artificial intelligence. It would, but it would take much longer. Algorithms on dating sites and social media show content and matches based on preferences. The more time someone spends on the site, the algorithm gets more info. AI will remember what type of women made you stop browsing or what filters you used. Activity has another role because the algorithm assumes that those who spend the most time on the site want to get more from it. In other words, those who spend time looking for other members and chatting become more visible to other users.


Together2Night is a site used to give an example of a platform with a modern matchmaking algorithm. It follows all the latest trends to ensure its members get the most value in the least time possible. The site isn’t dedicated just to sugar dating but has smaller niche pages where like-minded people find each other. Its sugar momma dating section has thousands of members who find each other using the smart search feature. Browsing the community based on employment and education is the simplest way to find sugar moms there. Together2Night gives a badge to verified members to prevent scammers from joining. They never had any safety issues, and AI watches over the code to protect it from cyberattacks.

Elite Singles

Elite Singles isn’t strictly a sugar dating platform, but its members are successful, highly educated singles. Additionally, 40% of the community are women over 35. Which means there are more than 2,000,000 wealthy ladies on the site. Elite Singles works smoothly on all devices, but it’s always better to have new models of processors to reduce site loading time. One of the modern features is “Have You Met?” It shows members summaries of someone’s profile. Members swipe left or right to let the algorithm know if they like the suggestion. Because of the AI, the site learns what each member prefers and suggests matches based on the collected data.

Seeking Arrangement

Seeking Arrangement is a sugar dating site. No one joins it for any other reason than starting a sugar relationship. The gender ratio is well balanced, with 52% of guys and 48% of women. The biggest downside (for male sugar babies) is that women over 35 make up only 21% of the community. That’s still over a million potential sugar moms, so it’s worth giving Seeking Arrangement a try. Most sugar babies combine the location filter with the filter for the net worth of sugar moms. It’s available only for premium members to protect wealthy ladies from guys who don’t have serious intentions.

It’s important to mention the difference between algorithms and artificial intelligence. People write algorithms, and they can’t change on their own. AI is similar, someone has to create it, but once it becomes alive, it can learn alone. One of the most famous AI usages is seeing objects in photos. It’s used on dating sites because it matches members based on mutual interest (one of many factors). Two members with guitar in their profile photos obviously have something in common, so the algorithm is more likely to list them as matches.

Online dating and artificial intelligence will continue growing together. With every day, it becomes simpler to find better matches. Since everything changes so fast, it’s clear that AI will help us keep pace with the modern world.