In the 21st century, we believe that we know about many things. We know about popular cultures in different foreign countries, enjoy their artworks, watch movies and TV shows, and read books by foreign authors, yet we still don’t know a lot about each other. This is the case with Asian culture.

The very first thing to understand is that there are many Asian countries, not just Japan or China. Each country has different traditions, values, languages, people, etc. If you’re looking for an Indian, Singaporean, or Chinese bride, then you should study the Asian culture overall and the country where you want to meet your bride. More often than not, all Asian countries have different values.

You should avoid typical stereotypes when communicating with your potential bride. But for now, check out some of the most interesting yet general facts about Asian brides.


It’s a well-known fact that Asian nations are often among the most hard-working nations. Women from Asian countries live in patriarchal societies, yet they manage to study a lot and become successful in their careers. In less prosperous countries, women have to work to support their families financially. It’s an admirable quality, given they also take care of the household and raise children.  


Their intelligence probably comes from their hard work. It’s a common joke that Asians make about their families: they have strict parents who make them study a lot. As a result, Asian men and women are extremely intelligent and erudite. They are often more successful and have well-established careers, women included, even given their patriarchal society. 

Red Color In Wedding Traditions

While most countries have the white color at the center of attention during wedding ceremonies, Asians prefer the color red. The red color symbolizes love, prosperity, and happiness. You will notice red color in the decorations, on the wedding dress, on wedding invitations, etc. That’s because marriage is supposed to bring love and happiness to the newlywed couple. 

Not Only China, Japan, Or South Korea

If you ask most people about Asian countries, they most likely name Japan, China, and South Korea. However, there are many more Asian countries with extremely beautiful women. There are 48 Asian countries. Women in most countries are different, and you won’t confuse a Kazakh woman for a woman from Singapore.

Asian Brides Are Supportive

Most Asian cultures are traditional. A man is the main breadwinner, and his wife is his support and safe haven. Asian women learn to be supportive, loving and caring when they grow up. They want to make their men feel loved and comfortable. 

Asian Women Are Feminine

Not to say that women in other countries aren’t feminine, but there is something different about Asian brides that makes them stand out. Eastern Honeys review  describes them as more submissive, which is considered a typically female trait, first of all. Secondly, they are more willing to dress in feminine clothes and wear thin makeup. 

No To Sarcasm

You would be surprised, but people in most Asian countries don’t understand sarcasm. They may believe you insult them. It’s only because of the differences in our cultures and mentalities. If you want to make your potential girlfriend laugh, you better not use sarcasm. 

Family Orientedness

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that women in most Asian countries are family-oriented. You probably heard stories of Chinese, Japanese, and Indian women who claim that their parents pressured them into getting married. In most Asian countries, if you’re over thirty and not married, it’s a bad thing. Even if the lady is successful in her career, she won’t feel support from her family until she gets married. 

Parents’ Approval

Typically, Asian parents don’t approve of foreign girlfriends of their sons. However, the trend is also common when it comes to Asian ladies marrying foreign guys. It’s extremely important to winning the favor of your Asian bride’s parents. 

Family is essential to Asian citizens, so they rarely want to cut ties with their disapproving parents. Typically, they cut ties with foreign boyfriends and girlfriends. Before establishing serious relationships, learn whether your girlfriend’s parents are OK with her marrying a foreigner in the future. 

No To Public Display Of Affection (PDA)

It’s uncommon in Asian countries to display affection in public. Even the most developed countries, such as Japan or South Korea, aren’t very welcoming of such behaviors. You would think that these modern societies are OK with people kissing and cuddling in public, but that’s not the case.

However, the reason for such disapproval is simple: intimacy is precious. You don’t share moments with your loved ones in public. It’s only between you and your lady. You can find secluded romantic locations to spend time with your girlfriend. 

There are many restaurants with personal cabins where no one can see you cuddle or kiss. But standing on the streets and kissing is frowned upon. In some Asian countries, you might even get arrested and cause huge trouble for your girlfriend. 

Key Takeaways

It’s difficult to generalize all Asian people since they are so different. However, some facts are relatively common in most Asian countries. If you want to date a woman from any Asian country, do research. Learn more about the specific country, etiquette, dating culture, etc. That way, you can be successful in winning the heart of an Asian girl.