Air conditioning can be an enjoyable addition to some homes, but it is more necessary in other climates. There are several types of air conditioning units to consider for either permanent installation or to be set up for the summer months and then put away for the cooler seasons. Central air conditioning runs through the home’s ductwork, as is a permanent installation outside the house. A ductless mini-split air conditioner offers built-in units for up to four rooms, while window air conditioners and portable units are set up for the season and put away for the rest of the year.

Central Air Conditioning

Central air conditioning is a permanent installation that houses the condenser outside and moves cold air through the ducts that are already in place. These are often installed in combination with a furnace, as they use the same ductwork. By combining the installation time and tools, they can be shared, lowering the overall installation cost. In addition, this cools the entire home at one time and can be controlled with one thermostat or control unit, making the whole house the same temperature.

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Ductless Mini Split Air Conditioning

The ductless mini-split air conditioning in Milton Keynes is similar to the central air system but works in smaller areas and is intended for homes that need only a few areas cooled. With up to four interior units to control the temperature in those individual rooms, the main compressor is housed outside with central air but is not connected to the ducts. Each of the control units is installed in the room that it is needed to cool, and up to four inside control units can be connected to one of the outside units that supply the cooling process to the rooms. Each room can be a different temperature to fit the use of the space.

Window Air Conditioners

A window air conditioner is installed in the home window and cools one room. The larger the unit, the more space it can cool, with units available for small and larger rooms. With a control panel on the front that remains inside the home, the back of the unit where the compressor is housed sits outside of the window. Some offer the ability to control the temperature by degree, while others will operate in either an on or off setting and cool the room while it is on and stop when it is turned off. 

Portable Air Conditioning Units

Portable units are stand up, and the entire unit is one piece with the condenser unit inside and the control panel on the top. They use a hose system to vent the hot air out the window and come in a wide range of sizes to cool either small rooms or larger spaces. These are easy to set up and remove; most come on wheels, and setting the hose up for the exhaust takes minutes and completes the installation altogether.


The most important consideration is the unit’s efficiency, as it can become costly to run during hot months and the amount of cooling capacity it has, for the best efficiency and to keep the costs manageable select the unit that will cool the right size of the space for what you need.