The nurse staffing agency has been doing good since the pandemic started. They serve as a bridge in connecting potential nurses to medical facilities that need nurses to fill vacancies. As a nurse, you should be wise enough to partner with a nurse staffing agency that can help you grow professionally and personally. You can consider trusted nurse staffing from Gifted Healthcare and learn more about getting a travel nurse job with the help of a nurse staffing agency: things you must know to have guidance on how a nurse staffing agency can help you.

How Do You Get A Job As A Travel Nurse?

To be able to qualify as a travel nurse some certain qualifications and requirements are needed to be submitted to your nurse staffing agency and here are some of them:

Get A BSN Degree

Before becoming a travel nurse you need to be a registered nurse and before becoming an RN you have to finish a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. So better get that degree if you plan to become a travel nurse.

Pass the NCLEX Exam

To finally become a licensed registered nurse you have to pass the NCLEX exam. This exam is given to nurses to prove they are indeed knowledgeable enough to practice what they have learned for years.

Complete your Licenses

Once you get your license as a registered nurse, acquire another license needed in becoming a travel nurse. One of the licenses being required is what is called a state license. This state license is very relevant if you will be assigned to states that are covered by the Nurse licensure compact state.

Earn Experience

Most medical facilities would prefer nurses with 1 to 2 years of experience. So once you get your license start working as a nurse to earn the prince you need in becoming a travel nurse.

Find a Good Nurse Staffing Agency

Once you are qualified then start searching for your nurse’s staffing agency that will hire you. Most schools will connect their nurses to staffing agencies. Recommendations can be the best choice.

What Is The Role Of A Nurse Staffing Agency?

Connects Nurses to Medical Facilities

The main goal of a nurse staffing agency is to connect nurses to medical facilities that need their services. They are in charge of the whole recruitment process and hire nurses then put them on board at medical facilities they are connected with.

Secure Contracts For Nurses

For every assignment, a contract is made. The nurse staffing agency handles the contract of nurses since they serve as their employers. They make the conditions which are also discussed with the medical facilities they will be assigning their nurses to.

Assist Nurses From Application to On-Boarding

As their recruiter, nurse staffing agencies assist their nurses from application up to the time they will be put on board for work. Plus a good nurse staffing agency will assist their nurses in all their needs including fixing their licenses, informing them on available assignments, and other things.

Serves as Support for Nurses

A nurse who works with agencies expects support from their nurses when they are on assignments. Any issues that arise will be reported to their agencies so they can help their nurses settle the problem. 

What Benefits Can You Get From Them?

Support and assistance are given to every nurse who works with a nursing staffing agency. Plus they can take care of some of your job-related expenses. Reimbursements are given to nurses for their travel expenses if needed in their assignments, scrub expenses, or housing. Nurse staffing agencies can also give their nurses more job opportunities since they don’t only partner with one medical facility. They work with several medical facilities and assign their nurses where the demand is high.

Getting familiar with Getting a travel nurse job with the help of a nurse staffing agency: things you must know will serve as your guide in preparing yourself to work with nurse staffing agencies. Working with them helps you grow your career as well as grow as an individual. All the opportunities you can get and all the skills you can learn will lead you to advance your career towards specialization as a nurse.