Wallets for Men

The wallet is a necessity for every man. It is easy to select a men’s leather wallet in Australia. The two most important aspects to consider while hunting for a wallet are design and functionality. Since a wallet is usually sitting in the pocket, it is an accessory that is not given that much attention. But a wallet can be a classic fashion statement for men when you have to display your ID card or pay for anything. 

A man can show his personality and fashion sense by the kind of wallet he buys. If you are a man who wants to show his personal style, start learning about the types of wallets available in the market and pick the one which suits your personality.

But if you are someone who doesn’t care about the style and prioritizes functionality, you should buy a wallet which is made to store your routine essentials and items such as an ID card, money, health insurance card, credit card, driver license and more.

It is not possible to go anywhere without these things which is why your wallet should be equipped enough to hold these items. If you are new to the world of men’s wallets, fear not because we have gathered and explained all the popular wallet styles in this article. After reading to the end, you will be able to navigate your way in wallets for men in Pakistan and choose the ones which meet your expectations and preferences.

Men’s Wallets Style Guide

Selecting the right type of wallet for your requirements is as essential for utility as it is for style. Each man has varying requirements as well as personality and fashion sense. Therefore, it is crucial to research and find the one which fits your needs.

Below is a list of the different styles of wallets for men which is found everywhere these days. This list will assist you with deciding the right wallet for yourself. So without further ado, let’s get started!

1.   Trifold Wallet

The name of this wallet refers to the way it can fold in thirds. The external third of the wallet folds in and the opposite side folds on top of it. This layout makes the wallet heavy but surprisingly, it is still small in size.

Some common spaces found in this wallet are an ID pocket, bill compartment, and usually boasts greater credit card slots as opposed to the normal billfold. The bill compartment can be with or without any bill divider and the ID pocket sometimes flips outwards or upwards.

2.   Bifold Wallet

This is the most famous and classic option for any man. The bifold wallets are designed to be folded in half and lie down in an almost flat position. However, this ability mostly relies on the structure and things put in the wallet.

The usual features available inside the bifold wallet are a bill compartment, card slots, open pockets behind the main section, ID pocket, and a coin pocket. Some people have bill compartment dividers in order to place tickets, money, receipts or anything separately.

3.   Hipster Wallet

The hipster wallet is also called Attache wallet and it is a big sized bifold wallet. It is taller with greater width in order to store more than the average bifold wallet. The hipster wallet is usually thought of as a dressier wallet and it is usually professionals that use it in their daily life.

4.   Zipper Wallet

A zipper wallet is generally a bifold wallet that comes with an outer zipper closure in which all items are kept inside the wallet. The zipper closure prevents the stored items from falling out.

However, this zipper closure surrounding the wallet has limits on how much it can store so that it can be closed completely. This wallet is a good option for anyone who tends to put many things in their wallet.

5.   Chain Wallet

This wallet is made popular by biker’s wallet. This specific walker with chains was used to stop the wallet from falling out of the back pocket. A billfold is connected to the rider’s belt loop with the help of the wallet chain. Other people utilize a chain wallet to add some zing in their fashion sense while others use it for utility.

6.   Long Wallet

The long wallet goes by other names of a coat wallet, suit wallet or a breast wallet. The long wallets for men are designed to be fit in the suit coat pocket. The money is placed in a flat position without the need of folding it.

There is also lots of space for credit cards in the long wallet. Men can use the inner suit pocket to accommodate the long bifold wallet.

7.   Checkbook Wallet

The checkbook wallet for men is also a longer bifold wallet which is made to store checks only. But sometimes, the checkbook wallets come with pockets for cash which also have to be laid flatly. You can find even better checkbook wallets having a pen holder, credit card slots and an ID card pocket.

8.   Credit Card Holder

These wallets are usually made to accomodate gift cards, credit cards, ID cards, and debit cards. Some credit card holder wallets have a gusset pocket in which you can place many cards while others can use this wallet for putting folded cash. In some wallets, you can find tiny bill compartments too.

9.   Money Clip Wallet

This is usually a bifold wallet excluding the bill compartment. Instead, there’s a money clip in the middle fold or at the back. This wallet displays credit card holders to regulate the slim design.

10.  Key Wallet

This wallet usually comes with 4, 6, 8, or 12 hooks for carrying keys along with a bill compartment to hold cash. The key wallets typically have card slots for carrying a few frequently used cards. The key holders keep the keys organized and prevent it from making holes in the pocket.

11.  Travel Wallet

This is particularly for travelers. Travel wallet includes an ID pocket, passport holder, and travel ID holder. It can carry essential travel documents such as passports, ID cards, tickets and more.

Remember to not overstuff your wallet as it will decrease its lifetime. Before buying a wallet, ask yourself if it can fit your belongings.