Astrology has played a significant role in informing people about their place in the world. However, its influence has been on the rise in recent times in Western countries, as people increasingly turn to the stars for guidance through social media accounts. From apps or social media profiles that provide daily horoscopes to the myriad of memes showcasing the special characteristics of our zodiac signs.

This is a belief that is gaining popularity among the younger generations, and consulting the stars is made possible by the analysis of the positions of planets and stars at the time of a person’s birth, as being born under the sign of Cancer can influence personality, destiny, and good fortune. Some individuals and seasoned astrology experts believe that astrology may also have an impact on one’s sex life. While there is no scientific evidence to support the idea that astrology affects people’s sex lives, there are some astrological interpretations that suggest certain zodiac signs may have specific sexual traits.

The Skokka research team is here to explain how being born under a zodiac sign can affect people’s intimate lives.

Setting the context…

For instance, it is believed that those born under the sign of Aries are passionate and fiery in bed, while Taureans may be more romantic and sensual. Geminis are thought to be more adventurous and open to trying new things, while Virgos may be more reserved and critical of their sexual partners.

But are these qualities entirely accurate? It’s important to note that astrology is a belief, not a science. Any connection between astrology and sex life is subjective and depends on each individual’s personal interpretation. Therefore, astrology can be helpful for some people as a way to explore their sexuality and understand themselves, but it should not be used as a guide for making important decisions about one’s sex life.

Here is a list of sexual compatibility between different signs:


Aries is the first zodiac sign. These individuals fear nothing and constantly seek new experiences. Being a fire sign, their fiery nature is quite evident. They have no qualms about taking the initiative and appreciate when their partner doesn’t hold back.

They can be highly compatible with other fire signs like Leo or Sagittarius and some air signs. But the sign they are most compatible with in bed is Aquarius. Aquarius knows how to fulfill all their desires. Since Aquarius has a very open-minded and experimental mindset, they’ll want to try something new every day, that’s for sure.

Moreover, Aquarius is easygoing and doesn’t mind being led in bed, which Aries often enjoys. There’s no doubt that Aries can have a great time with Aquarius. So, if you ever go on a date with assertive Mumbai escorts, they might just be Aries.


In bed, Taureans seek more than mere satisfaction and enjoyment. They want a connection, understanding their partner, feeling and making their partner feel.

In general, they get along well with earth and water signs. That’s why their most comfortable match in bed is Scorpio. With Scorpio, things get hot and passionate, like an adventurous night with the most beautiful masseuses.

Scorpio is very passionate and can satisfy even the darkest desires. They not only enjoy physical pleasure but also emotional connection.


Gemini wants to enjoy love as another adventure. They like trying new things, both outside and inside the bedroom. Their main goal is to have fun and go with the flow. Therefore, fire signs ignite their passion, and they will spark instantly with Sagittarius.

There won’t be any issues in bed with Sagittarius, that’s for sure. They are the perfect example of opposites attracting. Both born under these signs are open to trying any position, doing whatever they feel like. When they are together, they don’t feel any pressure.


For those born under the sign of the crab, it’s all or nothing. If their partner can provide everything they need, both intellectually and sexually, things will go smoothly. However, if something doesn’t fit, everyone should hide! They will bring out the worst in those born under the sign of Cancer.

The best partners to handle the passion of Cancerians are Leos and Taureans. People born under the sign of Cancer want emotions; they want to feel more than just the heat of the moment. You may seem a bit shy, Cancer, but in bed, you need someone who can keep up, someone willing to satisfy your needs.


In bed, Leo enjoys carefree pleasure, like that night of passion with one of the London escorts from Skokka. They don’t mind taking control, but they enjoy it when their partner challenges them and makes things a bit challenging.

They want someone who can be passionate and bring out their fiercest side. The sign they are most compatible with in bed is Aries. Aries is always a challenge and keeps the spark alive with their originality and spontaneity.


Those born under this sign need to find someone they trust before getting into bed, Virgo. They are quite demanding, and even if they want to enjoy themselves and indulge, they won’t just go with anyone.

That’s why their most compatible match in bed is Cancer. Virgo takes the lead, and Cancer has no problem following orders. There’s a great sexual connection between these signs because they have what the other needs. Under the sheets, they like to take action.


They need someone who can match their expectations, someone who won’t bore them or overwhelm them with too much affection. Their most compatible signs depend on the type of relationship they want to maintain. 

If they’re looking for a serious relationship, the most compatible sign is Taurus, offering a fulfilling intimate life and the stability they often seek. For a “friends with benefits” situation, Gemini is the best match, always surprising with their innovation.


Not just anyone can satisfy the needs of Scorpios; those born under this sign are known for their lovemaking skills. Although they are known for being overly passionate, they struggle to find someone who can ignite their inner flame.

That’s why they tend to be most compatible in bed with Sagittarius. Sagittarius makes worries disappear and focuses on enjoying the moment. The passion between them creates genuine sparks beneath the sheets.


What Sagittarius needs in bed is a lot of action; they want to have fun. They don’t want any emotional attachments. They want to get straight to the point. The sign they are most compatible with in bed is Gemini. This combination is simply incredible. In bed, they have no fear of trying new things, switching roles, or openly discussing their preferences. They’ll fulfill any fantasies they set their minds to.


Capricorns are usually demanding, very demanding. They won’t sleep with just anyone; they’re clear about that. They need a foundation of trust and security before allowing anyone into their bed, certainly not just anyone. They can be highly passionate, but they need someone to provide the spark.

The signs they are most compatible with are Aries, Cancer, Pisces, and Scorpio. However, their best match in bed is often Virgo. They’re on a different level. While other signs might get bored over time, these two are the opposite. They’re like fine wine.

Their compatibility improves over time. Initially, their passion is great, but as they trust each other more, it gets even better. They appreciate Virgo’s meticulous thinking and behavior. They can’t resist that subtle and natural elegance.


In bed, Aquarius can be an absolute whirlwind. They need someone who won’t be surprised or frightened when they see them in an energetic frenzy. In general, they get along well with fire and air signs.

The sign they are most compatible with in bed is Libra. They have very similar personalities, and with Libra, they can be themselves from the start. They understand each other well, and their desires align. They move at the same pace and seek the same things, which is quite noticeable under the sheets.


Those born under the sign of the fish are people who should be treated delicately but have a wild side. They need someone strong, someone who will take care of them but also make them enjoy.

They have a sweet personality in life, but they have an unexpected side, especially in bed. They look for someone who can match their moods. That’s why their most compatible sign in bed is Capricorn. The connection between them can be very passionate.

It might start slowly, Pisces, but that’s what excites you. It begins with caresses, hugs, sensuality, but then everything explodes, and you both enjoy it immensely. With Capricorn, everything reaches another level. It’s a sign of quality, elegance, and strength.

It’s important to remember that any connection between astrology and sex life is subjective and depends on each individual’s personal interpretation. Enjoying sexuality with consent and emotional responsibility is essential. It would be interesting to read the Skokka blog for more useful information.

Written by: Ana Cardo