In 2020, the largest D-diamond ever sold online also became the most expensive jewel ever sold online at $2.1 million. While you may not be looking at jewels or jewelry that is quite that pricey, you still want to make sure that you’re buying high-quality items!

Buyer’s regret is real, and when it comes to buying jewelry online, it likely happens more often than you think. Without being able to touch and look at jewelry up close, it’s difficult to determine the quality of what you purchase before you input that credit card information. 

Shopping for jewelry online is clearly more convenient than going into a store, but that doesn’t mean that you should trust every seller that you see online. Some deals that you might find are simply too good to be true. How can you tell the difference?

Keep reading below as we give you the ultimate guide to jewelry shopping online so that you won’t have to ever worry again about a purchase.

Research Your Jewelry Stores

There are a wide variety of jewelry options online, so even if you’re looking for saved cashmere jewelry, you can find it at different online stores. You have to make a choice and determine which one is the best to buy from, but what is the best way to do this?

The first thing to do is look into jewelry stores that specialize in the types of jewelry that you want. For instance, if you’re looking for body jewelry for a nose piercing, you want to buy from a store that specifically sells body jewelry. They are more likely to have high-quality inventory (although that’s not always the perfect indication). 

You also need to pay attention to whether or not the stores you’re considering have a “contact us” page. If not a page on its own, you should be able to find the contact information relatively easily somewhere on the front page. This shows you that they are not afraid of people contacting them to ask questions, express concerns, or otherwise leave a comment.

As a buyer, it’s actually a good idea to utilize the contact features if you do have questions regarding the quality or sourcing of that specific store’s jewelry.

Kids Jewelry vs. Adult Jewelry: How to Shop Differently

Buying jewelry for children is not the same as buying for adults because the quality is generally a lot different. Kids’ jewelry is meant to be worn for a while, then as the child grows up, it isn’t really used anymore. Adult jewelry, on the other hand, is meant to last for a lifetime if it is made and designed well.

Always make safety a top priority when buying jewelry for children. Screw back earrings, for example, are a safer option. 

Consider whether or not a child might have any type of metal allergies as well, and only buy jewelry that explicitly says what it is made from. In addition to that, you may want to invest in rubber or leather jewelry as opposed to nicer jewelry because these materials are more durable. 

Check Online Reviews

Online reviews are able to tell you a lot about specific products, but they can also tell you a lot about the businesses that sell those products. If there is a certain jewelry piece that has caught your eye, feel free to do a little more digging.

Look up the name of the product to see what sort of online customer reviews come up. If the website that you’re thinking of buying from offers reviews, take a look at those as well. 

You also should search the name of the business or shop on your preferred search engine to see what comes up. If anything pops up in the results that comes off as a red flag to you, it may be best to find a different shop to purchase from in order to protect yourself. 

Remember to View Any Warranty Information

If you’re buying jewelry from a nicer shop, they will typically have warranties on their jewelry. Specifically, jewelry that contains jewels or gemstones is more likely to have a warranty or guarantee.

Generally, this will cover the replacement of any damaged or lost gemstones. Some shops will offer this as part of the overall fee for the jewelry, but others will request that you pay an additional fee for the warranty.

One thing to remember is that some jewelry is also covered under other insurance policies, such as a homeowners insurance policy. If your jewelry is lost, damaged, or stolen, the policy is often going to cover it if you purchase the optional add-on (rider) related to jewelry.

You may not need to get a warranty if your policies are already going to cover the jewelry, so this is worth looking into before you start shopping.

Don’t Forget About Return Policies

Every shop is different about its return policies, so it’s hard to say whether or not the shop you choose is going to accept returns. 

Jewelry that has been customized in any way likely won’t be able to be returned. However, if you bought something, tried it at home, realized you didn’t like it, and want to send it back, this is generally acceptable. 

If you’re giving something as a gift, you may be able to get a gift receipt so that the recipient will be able to turn it in for an exchange. Not all shops offer this, however, so you should contact the shop directly to see if it’s an option if you think it may be a concern. 

For other purchases, you may struggle to return the item for a refund or exchange. If you have had to get the jewelry resized, for example, the shop may refuse to take it back because it could be difficult to sell it again. 

Always look at these policies before you make a purchase and think about whether or not you will potentially be able to return the item in case you decide you no longer want or need it.

Pay Attention to Measurements

Understanding the sizing for certain jewelry items, like bracelets or rings, is crucial for overall enjoyment. If it’s too small or too big, it isn’t going to be comfortable to wear. 

You need to understand what type of sizing is being used in the jewelry listing. When you’re comparing jewelry pricing across different websites, you may see that the same item is listed with different sizing options next to it. This can be confusing, but it generally is due to websites using US vs. European sizing methods.

If you’re looking at something that is being measured in millimeters, make sure that you’re also measuring your own hand or finger in millimeters as opposed to inches or centimeters. These small details make a huge difference in the overall fit of the item.

You may already know what your sizes are, but you’re struggling to find the right item that fits. You can always contact the jewelry shop directly to get an idea of what items they have in stock that may work and whether or not they will be getting more inventory soon. 

Be Smart to Avoid Scams

The best thing to do when you’re buying jewelry online is shop at reputable companies, like Adinas Jewels, that have clearly been in business for a long time and have positive reviews. Remember to avoid websites that have misspelled words, bad grammar, or generally poor usability. 

You also want to pay attention to whether any of the branding looks fake. If you see an expensive brand that is advertised at a very low price, this should be a red flag that the shop is likely selling false jewelry. 

If the website isn’t secure, this is also a sign that that shop may need to be avoided as a potential shop for you. A secure site is important when you make online purchases because it means that the data is protected from any other third parties. 

Consult This Guide to Jewelry Shopping in the Future

As you can see from this guide to jewelry shopping, there is a lot to remember before you click ‘Checkout’ and start to pay for your jewelry. Don’t let the excitement of getting new accessories deter you from paying close attention to what you’re actually buying.

Whenever you’re planning to buy online jewelry, always remember the tips we discussed here, and use common sense to avoid scams.

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