A couple of years back – a creative profession like interior design would’ve been scoffed at. But today, the profession has become much more than just a hobby or passion to follow. With platforms like Architectural Digest showcasing celebrity homes, the craze for interior design has never been madder. No wonder many students today are looking to pursue interior design courses after 12th. 

If you, too, have a knack for décor and a keen sense of space, you can pursue an interior design course after the 12th. And here’s why you shouldn’t think twice.  

Why Should You Pursue an Interior Designer Course After 12th?

  1. Promising Career

With the growing appeal for functional spaces and aesthetics, the demand for skilled interior designers and decorators has increased tremendously. Especially with the changing nature of work and home offices becoming commonplace, the market for interior design seems favourable.

Who knows, down the line, your work could be featured in Architectural Digest as well? 

  1. Learn the Basics of the Profession

Interior designing is all about visualising spaces your clients want and bringing that imagination to life. But what happens when there’s a non-alignment between your ideas? This is something you learn in an interior designing course and hone your artistic and communication skills. 

By opting for an interior design course after the 12th standard, you can start early and receive the training and experience needed to make it big in the industry. 

  1. Work with Established Creatives 

Learning interior design through a structured course lets you break out of your shell and explore ideas with fellow creatives. 

You will also get to learn and work on various projects under the mentorship of interior design stalwarts and industry experts. While working on projects, you’ll be able to employ your skills, understand the design niche you prefer, and gain hands-on experience to showcase in your resume. The course will be a lesson in collective creativity, client communication, design conceptualisation, and more. 

Top Skills You Will Learn 

Since the interior design industry has a highly competitive yet dynamic environment, an interior design course after 12th will equip you with a mix of creative, professional, and interpersonal skills.

  • Organisational Skills

Great organisation skills are required to manage various design projects, handle contracts, tackle all the paperwork, supervise designs, and ensure timely completion. Since you’ll be juggling your time between different vendors and partners, the course will teach you the practice and the tools needed to do it right. 

  • Good Communication

Since interior designing is all about networking and interacting with the clients, good communication and interpersonal skills are taught in the course. As a result, students are able to meet, even surpass, client expectations once they begin a full-fledged job. 

  • Creative Visualisation

Throughout the course, you will learn to envision rooms and structures, understand colour compositions, planning for comfort and aesthetics to execute different projects successfully. 

Before You Go

A certification in interior design will prepare you for a successful career in different areas such as residential projects, commercial spaces, and hospitality. But also in fields like: 

  • Event planning
  • Production designing
  • Exhibition designing
  • Architectural technology
  • Textile designing

To make your mark in the industry, you need to possess the right skills and experience. And it all starts with the right education and training. 

Today, renowned design institutes like Pearl Academy offer interior designer courses after 12th to help you learn and master your designing skills. These courses help you learn the discipline with theoretical and project-based learning, thus setting you up for a flourishing career!