Yes! Pakistanis are guaranteed visa-free travel through NICOP because of their dual nationality. Pakistanis who are living abroad are guaranteed NICOP which is extensively used by the large number of Pakistanis working overseas. Any Pakistani citizen is allowed to submit his application to apply for Nadra Card Renewal UK (NICOP) including those who hold dual nationality through Nadra Card Center London. Having this card allows them to have many advantages and perks and acts as a convenient travel and identity document for Pakistanis living abroad.

Benefits of Dual Nationality:

Individuals can have many benefits through dual nationality. Here are some described below;

  • People who hold dual nationality are allowed to travel freely without requiring a visa between both countries and can save their time and money.
  • They have often access to wider resources and services like education, employment opportunities, social security benefits, and more in both countries
  • Dual nationality allows them to have their property and make investments in both countries
  • They have the right to vote in both countries allowing them to participate in political processes to raise their voice for their rights.
  • Individuals can maintain a strong connection to their culture as well as it allows them to engage in cross-cultural experiences and relationships 

It’s important to note that the benefits of dual nationality can vary depending on the specific policies and agreements between the countries involved


Having two nationalities comes with several difficulties, some of which are unique to the agreements and policies of the participating nations. One major challenge is managing residency and tax requirements. Dual nationals have to follow the frequently complex legal systems of both countries, which means careful planning is necessary to prevent legal issues. The requirements for military duty introduce an additional level of complexity, as certain nations compel dual citizens to complete this commitment in each country. Additionally, travel can get more complicated due to possible visa requirements and entry restrictions to particular nations. Dual nationals may be subject to political and legal restrictions that prevent them from participating in politics in one or both of their countries or from holding specific public office. Furthermore, those who struggle to maintain a balance between different cultural identities may face difficulties with cultural identity and integration, as they may feel cut off from their ancestry or find it difficult to fully integrate into one or both cultures. Crucially, these difficulties are not shared by all and differ based on the specific situations and nations in question.