Everybody loves a living space that reflects their personality, has excellent functionality, and enhances their overall living style and comfort. It’s every homeowner’s goal to have a modernized house. A modernized house may sound fancy, but the process of modernizing your house doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated.

Nowadays, a modern house is more of a simple, neutral palette, streamlined living space that is equipped with technological tools. If you live in a traditional house and want to modernize it for living or even selling purposes, there are really easy ways to do it.

Up-to-date furniture and technological applications can uplift the whole vibe of the house. In this article, we list five ways you can modernize your home.

  1. De-clutter Your House

A modern house is free of any clutter, and there is more space in the house. Think of it this way: less is more. You don’t have to showcase every piece of decoration or art you own. Or put almost every book you own on the coffee table. De-clutter your house of excessive things and only keep relevant accessories at home.

Choose only a few masterpieces to display. Free up your house from additional things. This doesn’t mean you have to throw away every additional thing. Simply keep them in a rented self-storage. Nowadays, self-storage businesses have modernized too. With the availability of smart self storage facilities, you can keep your belongings safe and in good condition. Smart technological tools have enabled such modern self-storage businesses to also provide 24/7 surveillance and protect your things from thefts. 

  1. Update Electric System and Appliances

If you live in an old house, there are chances of an old electric wiring system in your house. Not only an outdated electric system is less efficient, but it can be dangerous too. So you must modernize your house by upgrading the electric system. Get all the wiring checked and replace the torn-out wires. Modern houses have more outlets of electricity plugs for convenience, so make sure to get new outlets added to your living space.

Change the light switch plates in your house to give it a more aesthetic look. Choose the right color and design of light switch plates that complement the house and the color of the walls. Next, take a look at your appliances. If all your appliances have outdated technology, they will consume more energy, and you will have to spend more money on not only their bills but also maintenance. Install new heating and air conditioning system. Your HVAC system can be complex, So, Getting your AC installation by a professional is a must. upgrade your oven, refrigerator, washer and dryer, dishwasher, etc.

  1. Update the Cabinetry

Most homeowners underestimate the important role cabinetry plays in determining the look of your house. Cabinetry includes drawer pulls, door handles, knobs, cabinets in your kitchen or bathroom, etc. No matter what part of the house you enter, there will be a door, and hence a door knob or handle. If the knobs and handles are bulky, outdated, rusted, broken, etc., it will negatively impact the whole look of the house. Updating the cabinetry is probably one of the easiest ways to modernize your house.

There are tons of options in the market for new cabinet pulls and door knobs. They are available in different types of finishes, like aged copper, bronze, shiny stainless and brushed nickel, etc. Just buy the ones you think will go with the theme of your living space and install them in your house. 

Unleash your creativity and give every room separate design handles. You can also use the contrasting idea here. If your kitchen’s theme is more like a country kitchen type, you can make it look chic with stainless knobs. 

  1. Color Scheme and Layout

The color palette of a house is a major factor in making it look not only modern but also spacious. If your house is rather old, you can modernize it easily with the right color palette choice. Modern homes have a neutral color palette that is consistent throughout the house. The one consistent color in the house gives the whole house a balance. There are many benefits of choosing a neutral color palette.

Neutral colors are best to go with updated décor with a pop of color. If you are someone who keeps their interior décor up-to-date, then neutral colors will allow you to easily keep changing furniture. As they not only go along with any type of furniture but also uplift the furniture and interior color and design.

Similarly, the right type of layout can also add space and modern touch to your house without you having to knock down walls. A flowing layout will enhance your home; make sure there is an easy transition from room to room. There should be no clusters of bulky furniture in rooms. Have as much open space available in walkways as possible. How you set and place the furniture determines the layout, and a flowing layout is a major factor in modern homes.

  1. Use Glass to Add More Space

Adding glass to your living space is the latest trend in contemporary living. Modern homes and glass go hand in hand. You can incorporate glass in many ways, and it not only looks classy and chic at the same time, but the biggest pro of adding glass is that it creates more space. You can opt for glass furniture pieces like sophisticated glass coffee tables and glass dining tables. If you are not a fan of full glass furniture, you can add the element of glass with other furniture or stair railings, etc. 

But apart from the furniture, you can use glass to open up your bathroom, dining, and living areas. This is also a good way to capture more natural light. For example, in your bathroom, replace the patterned screens or shower curtains with a clear shower screen. Or you can get glass walls with panels installed to separate your living area from the dining area. The see-through glass perfectly gives you a sense of extra space. 

Every homeowner wishes to have a modernized living space. If you are searching for ways to modernize your home, you have come to the right place. Your wish can come true with these five tips we share here.