Would you find it hard to assemble tools? Looking for drawers to help you store your objects easily? Then you’re at the best place as today we’ll expose you to an internet store named Kecabo that are responsible for such products.

The anniversary celebration going on this web site has grabbed people’s attention within the U . s . States, and they’re wanting to know if the store is providing safe deals towards the customers or otherwise.

Well, we’re able to know this by exploring Kecabo com Reviews. So, let’s get conscious of the store’s details.

What’s Kecabo com?

It’s a online store coping with the featured assortment of drawers coupled with toolsets and moving cabinets. The rigid wood and adjustable height from the workbenches are for sale to ease the shoppers.

Aside from it, buyers can explore the site’s inflatable existence jackets, bags, paddles, and vehicle racks. The organization makes another section for that top tool chests whose cost differs from $99.13 to $99.81.

But will the attractive assortment of the shop solutions now you ask , Kecabo com Legit? Definitely not we have to dig more details to obtain the correct answer.

Specifications of Kecabo com

•           URL – http://world wide web.kecabo.com

•           Mailing address – coshamzhfopgf@gmail.com

•           Type of store – the portal handles tool storage drawers.

•           Shipping policy – goods are shipped worldwide

•           Delivery timing – this will depend on the kind of shipping mode that you select as well as your destination.

•           Return policy – products should be came back within a week

•           Refunds – it will likely be given when the came back good meets all of the conditions.

•           Payment methods – PayPal, VISA, MasterCard, Uncover, American Express.

•           Kecabo com Reviews – unavailable

•           Domain creation date – 16 August 2021

•           Social media presence – unavailable

•           Domain expiration date – 16 August 2022

Pros of Kecabo com

•           The website comes with an exclusive assortment of the tool chest.

•           It uses an HTTPS connection.

Cons of Kecabo com

•           The website shares suspicious emails using the customers.

•           The domain from the store is youthful.

•           The trust score from the portal is poor.

•           The portal is selling products at impractical prices.

•           The store isn’t participating in social networking, that makes it unpopular one of the customers.


•           The store is totally new within the e-commerce world. It had been registered on 16 August 2021. Its services are for sale to twelve months only.

•           The website from the store shares fake social networking icons. Throughout the research, no Facebook or Instagram profile from the store was discovered.

•           The website’s trust rank is 2.8, whereas its trust index score is a percent only. This type of low score signifies the portal is suspicious.

•           No buyer has shared Kecabo com Reviews till now. Furthermore, the amount of daily people to the shop can also be less.

•           The company has shared the e-mail address that doesn’t retain the website name. The street address and phone number are unavailable.

•           The information on the coverage is not described well.

•           The clients are selling these products at cheap rates which make the prices weird.

•           The owner is hiding its identity in the customers.

•           The web site is associated with several countries which are being popular for offering fraudulent portals to buyers.

Each one of these points prove that Kecabo com isn’t a reliable portal.

What are Kecabo com Reviews?

No customer has shared their feedbacks because of the newness from the online store. Furthermore, its absence on social networking which makes it a mystery store for a lot of customers. One more reason for the possible lack of reviews may be the fraud and security concerns that buyers coping after understanding the warning flags from the store.

The organization has decreased the cost from the products and it is offering secure worldwide shipping simply to grab customer’s interest. For those who have purchased any product in the store and wish your hard earned money -back, look into the answer of Ways to get Refund From PayPal for Item Not Received?


Putting an finish to today’s article, we attempted to talk about the Kecabo com Reviews along with you. However, following the analysis, we found the shop to become highly suspicious. Thus, for those who have purchased a product and therefore are awaiting the delivery, get sound advice When the Order isn’t Delivered? – Obtain the Information!