There’s nothing better than settling into your favorite movie on Netflix with a burger in your hand. Especially if it was delivered right to your front door and had every topping you want in the combination you love best.

Maybe you’ve heard through the grapevine (burger-vine?) that there’s a new concept burger joint on the up? Big Deal Burger offers customers the chance to not only customize their burgers but choose to get them takeaway or delivery once they’re done.

Forget McDonald’s or Burger King. This is a fast-food chain like no other.

Read on to discover why Americans love burgers and why Big Deal Burger wants them to have their burgers as fresh and customizable as possible. Between Two Buns: Burger History

According to legend, the first burger was created in America in 1900. However, precisely who the honor goes to is hotly debated amongst burger aficionados and food historians alike.

Hamburger Origin Myths

And that’s just it. The origin of the hamburger is as murky as the mustard smeared on a burger bun.

It’s most likely that the hamburger was invented in the United States, though a few chains (White Castle, we’re looking at you…) claim Germany as the source. However, one thing is clear. It wasn’t until 1904, at the St. Louis World Fair, the hamburger garnered widespread acclaim–in the US, at least.

So, was it Charlie Nagreen or Louis Lassen? Or did White Castle get it right when they said the burger was invented in Germany (Hamburg, to be precise) by a gentleman named Otto Kuase? It looks like we’ll never know.

The 1950s: A Burger Heyday

We know that by the 1950s, the burger was fast becoming the national dish of America. Items like the classic cheeseburger were firmly cemented into the extensive, affordable menus of the diners popping up in every city and town.

In fact, most of the big chains had their start peripheral to this decade, too:

  • McDonald’s in 1940
  • Sonic Drive-In in 1959
  • Burger King in 1959
  • Arby’s in 1964
  • Chick-fil-A in 1967
  • Wendy’s in 1969

By the 1970s and 80s, there wasn’t a menu without a burger on it. Even the first veggie burger was invented in 1981!

The Burger of Today

In the 21st century, there are tens of thousands of burger joints and fast-food restaurants serving this favorite food across America. This includes everything from mega-corporations to independent country diners that haven’t changed their decor since 1950.

Some chains, like McDonald’s and Burger King, have exported American burgers across the world. McDonald’s alone has almost 40,000 stores.

Still, the title of best burger restaurant–or indeed, types of burgers–is a hotly debated topic, with entire blogs and websites set up to defend their favorites. Significantly, new production and delivery methods, spurred on by smartphone app innovations and COVID-19, are flipping the traditional American sit-in diner concept on its head.

And that’s where Big Deal Burger comes in.

Dickey’s Takes a Bite With the Big Deal Burger

It could be said that America invented convenience culture, at least in the food department.

The trend is partly driven by having more people in the workforce. For example, households with employed adults are 72 percent more likely to purchase their meals from restaurants than families with even just one unemployed adult.

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit found a way to capitalize on this trend for getting food to your door fast. This year, they launched their Big Deal Burger concept in twelve states–about ten percent of their 500 stores nationwide. But what exactly does this mean?

The Big Deal Burger isn’t just a single burger. Instead, customers order a burger or sandwich in whatever way they want via delivery app or the Big Deal Burger delivery website. That’s right: the Big Deal Burger is entirely customizable.

And it turns out they’re onto something. According to one report, Big Deal Burger sales have tripled the average weekly turnover in the stores it’s launched in.

What’s on the Big Deal Burger Menu?

Big Deal Burger started with their pioneering build-your-own option and has added pre-made burger choices to the menu. So there’s something for everyone.

The Burgers

When Big Deal Burger first launched earlier this year, their offerings were pared down but still gave customers some choice.

First, you choose your protein. This could be a double or single beef patty, spicy cheddar or Polish sausage, the Impossible Burger (for all those plant-based people), or marinated smoked chicken.

Next, choose your toppings: tangy BBQ sauce, onions rings, cheese slices, pickles, bacon, salad options, and numerous dressings (including the already famous Big Deal Sauce). You’re limited only by your imagination and taste buds here. The bun is a buttery toasted brioche.

For those that hate guesswork, since September, Big Deal Burger has added some new pre-built sandwiches to the menu. These include the Dad Bod, Nunchuck Norris Cheeseburger, El Fuego, Double Royale Grilled Cheese, and many more!

Other Items

Of course, not even the most perfect or convenient burger is complete without a delicious array of sides to choose from. Big Deal Burger knows this. And they’ve got offerings to tempt even the smallest stomached among us.

Choose the combo option to combine your burger with a small seasoned, Cajun, or buffalo ranch fries and their signature Big Yellow Cup filled with the beverage of your choice. There’s even a cute mini-version of this combo for the kids! They get to choose between a Kid’s Burger or a Kid’s Grilled Cheese.

If that’s not enough to quiet your grumbling tummy, you can add more. Mac and cheese, coleslaw, or brisket cheese–to name a few.

Where’s a Big Deal Burger Near Me?

Since 2020 was the year at home for many of us, we’ve learned to love delivery. And the companies that embraced the change–like Big Deal Burger–have thrived. If you’re keen to not only find the best burger delivery but also build the perfect sandwich, order with Big Deal Burger today.

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