Mau Binh – The gray army is a card game that, besides luck, also promotes tactics in each way of arranging. And of course, when clashing with the masters in the village of Mau Binh, new players always encounter psychological pressures that are not small. For beginners, they often arrange cards according to their feelings and play cards that do not follow any rules. So failure is inevitable. If you want to become a master in Mau Binh – Binh Xa Gray, here are the experiences for you.

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1. Techniques of playing cards Mau Binh – Binh Xap Gray for beginners

Mau Binh – Binh Xap Gray or Chinese Poker are different names for a game that uses a 52-card deck. When playing Mau Binh, each house will be dealt 13 cards, so the number of players will fluctuate from 2 to 4 people.

To win in Mau Binh – Binh Xa Xuong, besides luck, players also need technique. This is one of the basic factors that determine whether a player leaves the hand sooner or later. When playing Mau Binh – Binh Xuong, you need to clearly remember the order of the card links according to the rules of Binh Xap Gray. Because the last hand > the middle > the first, the player must be wise in how to arrange the cards.

The technique of playing cards of Binh Xap Gray does not distinguish the size of the card based on the suit, but based on the number of that card. The order of strength and weakness will be determined in ascending order from 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, J, Q, K, A.

After placing the cards, the player will proceed to compare the limbs with each other. The person who is considered a master in Mau Binh – Binh Xuong is someone who knows how to analyze the situation and arrange so that there are more powerful limbs than the opponent. It sounds simple, but to do so, you need to have time to get used to as well as good judgment, thinking and analysis of the situation.

2. Experience playing Mau Binh – Xuong Xuong from the masters

The rules of Mau Binh Xap Gray are clear, and how to play, for a high win rate, it is best to rely on the advice of longtime players.

The technique of arranging cards and marching

With the game rules of Mau Binh, all the fate of winning or losing the game is based on the initial arrangement of the players’ limbs. When looking at their cards first, the player must quickly analyze and predict the opponent’s hand situation to come up with the most reasonable card arrangement. The strategy is that we can completely drop 1 limb and win the remaining 2 limbs.

The experience of playing Mau Binh – Binh Xa Gray of many people says that most players will rank the first two limbs very low so that the two hind limbs are strong. This is also your chance to win. For example, first win, middle win, last win. Of course, the rule must be followed that the strength of the limbs is increased gradually.

Here are some common placements:

Stacking 3-card box (3-card box): The stacking box is in the first limb, then if the player in a pair has the most strength in the last limb, it is called 3-card box arrangement (3 ‘sword” is positive), vice versa. If the player leaves the pair with the greatest strength in the middle limb, it is called a 3-player box.

  • Matching the 3-blade lobby: According to this arrangement technique, the player will rank the first limb as the next hall with 3 pairs. Depending on the cards and playing style of each person, choose to have the strongest pair in the middle or the last limb.
  • Boxes/Loss/Dispersal: This means that in addition to the crate, the flood, and the lobby in the first limb, the other two limbs are just trading skills (with such cards, the player must consider arranging cards for strength. The cards in the middle hand must be larger than the last because they are all tradesmen).
  • Beast player: That is, the player will divide 2 pairs in the first limb and 2 pairs in the middle and the last limb to trade.
  • Animal yang: According to this technique, the player divides 2 pairs in the first limb, one pair is stronger than the other in the middle limb, the other pair is put in the last limb.

In short, there is no one specific way to help play Mau Binh – Binh Xay Gray well. Whether you win at this card game or not depends a lot on your thinking and reading. You need to carefully observe the opponent and know how the opponent plays, so you will choose the right strategy for you.