CDS 2 exam is going to be conducted on September 04, 2022. It is a very competitive exam with about 3 lakh students applying for the same in each cycle. The selection process consists of a written exam, followed by an SSB Interview. The aspirants must put their best efforts by making study plans, being aware of the CDS syllabus and exam pattern, and preparing regularly. 

CDS Written Exam Pattern 

  • Number of Papers- 2 Papers (English Language and General Knowledge) for OTA and 3 Papers (English Language, General Knowledge, and Mathematics) for Others.
  • Types of Questions– MCQ-based
  • Number of Questions– 100 for each paper
  • Maximum Marks– 100 for each paper
  • Duration– 2 hours for each paper

There are only two papers for candidates applying for the Officer’s Training Academy (OTA) but three for all others. The exam is bilingual i.e. it is conducted in Hindi and English languages. There is also a negative marking for each wrong answer. 

CDS Preparation Tips for English Language

English Language is one of the easiest subjects to score well if the efforts are put in the right direction. You need to be clear with the fundamental concepts and remember the rules. 

  • Revise the grammar rules and concepts regularly. It will help remembering the techniques and avoid errors. 
  • Make sure to cover the entire CDS English syllabus including Vocabulary, Sentence Improvement, One Word Substitution, Error Spotting, Idioms, Phrases, and English Comprehension.
  • Develop the habit of reading journals, magazines, newspapers, or books daily. It will help your communication skills as well as the comprehension and vocabulary section. 
  • While reading, jot down unfamiliar or new words and their meanings. Memorize them and use them in regular conversations and writings. 
  • Get hold of some standard grammar books like Wren and Martin and practice the exercises. Pay attention to the application of rules learned before.
  • Go through the lists of Idioms and Phrases, learn their usage and revise them regularly. 

CDS Preparation Tips for General Knowledge

This section tests the candidates’ knowledge of general topics, concepts, and current affairs. It consists of questions combined from History (Ancient, Medieval and Modern), Civics, Geography, Economics, and General Science. 

  • Make a schedule to devote at least some time every day to this section. You can set apart 2 hours of each day. 
  • Refer to newspapers, news channels or other sources to stay updated about all the current national and international events. Make short notes for all of them to revise regularly. 
  • Read the detailed syllabus and cover each topic elaborately. You can use NCERT books, reference books, Youtube videos and other resources on internet. 
  • Prepare lists of things like military exercises, formation of forces, important dates, awards, books, and others.
  • Solve old question papers and take mock tests to test your knowledge and accuracy.
  • Make summarised notes of everything you learn and keep revising them.

CDS Preparation Tips for Mathematics

This portion of the exam tests the numerical and the calculative abilities of the candidates. It contains topics like Profit and Loss, Time, Speed and Distance, Ratios, Algebra, Geometry, Percentage, and others.

  • Segregate the topics into easy and difficult in the order of their weightage in the exam.
  • Understand the concept behind the theories and refer to the examples given of the problems to know the approach.
  • The mantra for this section is “Practice is the key”. Keep this in habit and you will clear this section relatively easily. 
  • Time and accuracy is very important here. Even though it is important to attempt most number of questions possible, attempting them correctly is of utmost necessity. 
  • Allot your time in a manner where you can understand the questions clearly before answering them. 
  • List all the formulas for Algebra, Arithmetic, Trigonometry, Geometry, Mensuration and Statistics in one place for easy access and last-minute revisions.
  • Solve as many questions from each topic as you can. Take online tests and previous years’ papers too to get familiar with application and techniques.

Last Minute Preparation Tips for CDS

The last few days are very crucial for any exam aspirant, they must be able to retain and recall everything they have studied during their preparations. Here are some tips to help them with last-minute anxiety. 

  • Revise everything thoroughly and be clear with concepts. Refer to the notes made during preparation to manage your time with only important points.
  • Keep a cool and confident attitude, and avoid any new topic. Learning anything new at this point will hinder the retention and create a state of panic.
  • Practice more and more papers, tests, and take GK quizzes to be familiar with everything. Solve the papers in time-constrained manner for the exam-like environment.
  • Do not spend too long on any question even during practice, and avoid guesswork. CDS exam has negative marking for wrong answers. Thus, leave the questions you’re unsure about.

Even with all the best tips and tricks, it is important for aspirants to make a schedule and follow it strictly. It ensures that they can cover everything with some time spared for revisions. They should plan a timetable covering the whole syllabus of CDS. At least 6-8 hours must be devoted each day for preparations, with short breaks added in between. Apart from that, keeping track or weekly progress and revisions helps with confidence boosting.