Looking for new ways to up the ante on your fashion style?

Before looking at expensive outfits, consider the versatility of a baseball cap. It’s a simple accessory that packs a bunch of potentials. Of course, you have to know how to style it right. 

The good news is we’re here to help you figure out the right baseball cap style that suits your fashion sense. You can get the design of your choice at Cap Factory. Continue reading below for all the fashion tips and tricks you need:

1. Flatten or Curve

Styling a hat starts with one basic but controversial question: should you wear it with a curved or flattened bill? 

Flat bills became a popular trend through the 2000s and 2010s. Artists like Justin Bieber made it even more popular. They set a trend that a lot of people followed. 

However, it’s not the end-all-be-all way of styling a baseball cap. There are still those who prefer wearing it the traditional way: with a curved bill. Curved bills might look more worn-out than baseball caps with a flat one, but they do offer better stylistic opportunities since you can pair them with other types of clothing. 

Curved cap bills are also more practical. The curve allows you to see better and feel more comfortable.

2. Wearing Baseball Caps Backwards

The trend of wearing baseball caps backward didn’t begin as a symbol of rebellion. While it might make you look like a rebel, the concept started on the baseball field. Catchers wore their caps this way so that the bill wouldn’t block their vision.

Ken Griffey Jr. famously wore his cap backward and this re-ignited the trend. This fashion style exploded in the hat fashion scene and continues to remain popular even today.

However, he never set out to launch a new baseball cap fashion trend. Like the original reason for this style, Ken Griffey Jr. wore his cap backward for practical reasons. He loved wearing his dad’s baseball cap which was a little too big for him, thus he wore it backward. 

3. Know Your Caps

Not all baseball caps are the same. Some of the caps you think are baseball caps might not even fall under that category. 

For example, the stereotypical cap with an adjustable lock in the back isn’t an actual baseball cap. These are snapback caps since you can snap the strap to adjust the cap according to the size of your head. Regular baseball caps have fitted shapes and sizes. 

Don’t forget trucker caps and “dad caps” too.

Both of these resemble baseball caps or snapbacks but with a few slight alterations. Trucker caps, for example, feature mesh back panels and often showcase a trucking company logo in the front. Dad caps resemble traditional baseball caps but with a low-angle bill and outdated designs. 

4. Casual or Formal

Did you know baseball caps can work with both casual and formal outfits? A lot of people associate them with sports fashion but you can fit them into most stylistic niches.

Start by wearing baseball caps with hoodies. This works well with flat-bill caps. It’s a trend popularized by hip hop and R&B artists but also became a fashion statement by those who love staying in the spotlight. 

If you need to wear something formal, you can add a baseball cap to the outfit too. Of course, the cap has to use color and style that suits the coat or pants you wear. A good technique is to use a color that matches your shoes. 

For casual wear, curved bills are the better option. They have a more relaxed look to them, making them suit clothes you’d wear at home or the mall. 

5. Tonal Consistency

An important way to style a baseball cap is to maintain tonal consistency. This refers to the colors and style of your general outfit.

Say for example you’re going for an all-white, formal outfit. Don’t suddenly put on a curved-bill baseball cap with bright neon green colors and an 80s aesthetic. It’ll ruin the look. 

Of course, there are a few workarounds for this. 

You don’t have to wear a white and grey baseball cap if your outfit consists of jeans, a white shirt, and a grey hoodie. You can get away with a black baseball cap that has a large logo on the front. 

6. Show Off the Brand

Why not try rocking a baseball cap that highlights a brand logo front and center? It’s like wearing large bling to a party. Let people you got style and can afford something expensive and cool. 

Start by looking for caps that display your favorite team’s logo. If you want to buy a cap made by a high-end company, look for one that has its logo in the front panel, like the ones available at https://www.ynotlifestyle.com/products/ynot-hat.

Some caps show off logos of big companies. You might find a cap with an Apple logo, DC Comics logo, or Nintendo’s logo. Try these on to show support for the brands you love while also looking good in the process!

7. Add Pins

Wearing pins might seem like an outdated idea but it’s far more popular than you’d think. There’s a reason why politicians still hand them out during the election campaign period.

Remember when Hollywood was also handing out pins for the #metoo movement? Organizations also give out pins to show support for women’s rights, cancer patients, and climate change. 

Pins easily highlight a brand or a cause. Putting one on your cap quickly lets people know your stand regarding a particular debate. They’ll see your support for an organization, belief, or brand. 

Wear Your Baseball Cap With Style

Baseball caps aren’t only for the diamond field! Follow this guide to wear your baseball cap with any style or outfit you like. Figure out which cap works for you, show off your love for a cause or brand, and maintain tonal consistency.

Of course, you shouldn’t stop learning fashion tips with this guide on baseball caps. If you enjoyed this list and found it informative, we reckon you’ll love more of our fashion, travel, and food guides so check them out today!