There are many options for offering or baking with bread, whether it’s for brunch or desserts.

We’ve provided everything from light, basic alternatives like fresh fruits to more sophisticated main dishes and condiments. If you’re going through the troubles of preparing your dishes with St Lucia banana bread, ensure you take a few extra measures to make it incredibly unique.

Dark chocolate of good standard

A piece of strong dark chocolate and banana go along beautifully. You could serve it on the sides to play it safe, or you could prepare your homemade dark chocolate icing to sprinkle over the surface. This is a combo that might work at any time of day when paired with a cup of steaming hot cocoa.

Fruits slices

You could require something a little milder and more refreshing at times.

Since this is the situation, a few freshly picked slices of your preferred citrus fruit, such as orange, won’t go amiss. This one is perfect for breakfasts or when you need to cleanse your taste after a heavy dinner.


A decadent chocolate hazelnut spread is a hit with everyone.  To get the finest results, keep in mind to serve your St Lucia banana bread hot. You may roast it or even grill it if it’s not feasible to dish it right out of the microwave.

Bread Sundaes 

Make little cubes out of three to five-sized pieces of St Lucia banana bread. Place on a cookie sheet, covering with a fresh dish towel, and set aside for a few hours to air out. It’s time to make a banana sundae by topping the tasty-sweet chunks with your favorite whipped cream or ice cream in five cups or dessert glasses once they’ve lost a little moisture.

Bread sandwiches

To begin, heat some coconut. Half cup sweet coconut poured onto a sheet pan and toasted for twenty minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, or until consistently crispy and brown. On two pieces of banana bread, apply choco-hazelnut spread. Sandwich gently, garnish with toasty coconut, chop, and enjoy! This delicacy for two is wonderful, served with long, icy glasses of milk on the table as a brunch treat or appetizer.

French Toast sticks with Bread

Cut three or four wide banana bread pieces into sticks. Wrap with a clean cloth and place on a baking sheet. Allow to air-dry overnight. Warm one and a half cups milk with 1 teaspoon vanilla essence, quarter cup sugar, and a heavy dusting of cinnamon in the am. Allow cooling before serving. Add two eggs to the milk mixture after it has reached room temperature. Dip the banana bread pieces into the mixture and set them aside to soak for a few minutes before shifting to a lined baking sheet. Inside a 340°F oven, bake for almost fifteen minutes. Serve with a beaker of syrup in a tray or display boat. Dusted with brown sugar, immerse the sticks in the syrup, and savor!