Are you considering a renovation to your home but can’t decide where to start? Given that renovations can take time, focusing on one room in particular that needs the most work can be helpful. More often than not, that room will be your kitchen or bathroom since both see a lot of daily use and wear. Here are a few signs that you’ll want to renovate your bathroom. 

Damage to Floors, Walls or Molding

Do your bathroom floors or walls have signs of water damage? Is the caulking around your tub or sink peeling away? If your bathroom is in rough shape, it’s time to start tearing out the damaged areas so that you can replace them with quality upgrades. If there’s any sign of mould, you’ll also want to contact a contractor to replace problem areas in your walls. 

Broken Fixtures

If your tub, sink or toilet contains chips in the enamel or they do not function properly, you should have them replaced. There’s nothing worse than introducing your guests to an unsightly bathroom badly in need of repair. 

You Need More Luxury in Your Life

Are you bored with the same old dull bathroom that you’ve been using for years? Wouldn’t you rather install a luxurious oasis where you can feel relaxed? Your bathroom should make you feel like you are being pampered at an upscale resort. Why not consider a renovation that will provide you with a bathroom that you’d feel proud to show off to guests? 

If you want to design a bathroom where you can unwind and allow your tensions to melt away at the end of the day, you’ll need to pick out a few impressive features designed to make a statement as soon as you enter the room. 

The first things that you should consider replacing will be your tub and countertop. Since you can’t go wrong with porcelain bathrooms when you’re looking for quality, you might consider matching your floor, tub, shower and backsplash with your counter. You should also look for a gorgeous new mirror and consider adding shelving to store everything you need. 

You Need More Room

If you’ve been trying to cram a whole family into one bathroom or are feeling a bit claustrophobic when you’re in there on your own, you’ll want to consider whether you can extend your bathroom to make it larger. Quality products can help revitalize a bathroom enormously, but if the problem is that there’s not enough space, there’s really only one solution – expand your square footage. 

Your Décor is Out of Style

A bathroom renovation is an excellent opportunity to update any features that feel ancient and out of style. If your toilet and sink are still that old pea green or pink colour from the 70s, it might be time to consider a replacement. Don’t forget to fill your room with handmade soaps, scented candles and stylish linens for the ultimate upgrade.  

If you’re considering an upgrade for your bathroom and want to be sure you’ll love the result, get in contact with a porcelain slab company that can turn a dingy old space into a gorgeous palace.