Making up a mind to study can be more accessible but making up a mind to pass the exams is quite challenging for the average number of students. Therefore, when planning to enter the MBA degree program, you must prepare for your exams with an open and efficient mind.

We might not have the examination criteria or an idea of how exams are being prepared, but we have the functioning of our minds in our control. If you set your mind to work on something, then there is no other force that can stop you from doing it. It is “us” who make “us.” No one else will pour in their input to make us who we are.

As securing an MBA degree is the dream of many, they need to make their minds work for the success of their degree program. (Dp. 2020) With this being said, It is witnessed that some students are so concerned about ace their MBA degree that they usually decide to buy college essays rather than working on them on their own and taking a risk with their writing. However, by this time, many of you might be baffled about how to deal with the mind-making or enhancing the mindset to ace the MBA exams, so for your help, here is the guide.

1.      Fix a time for exercise

You might be thinking that how can exercise helps in improving the mindset, as it is meant to fix the body health of a person. However, it is not valid for the case of mindset. If you exercise well, your brain will also get fit and healthier. Planning cycling, running, swimming, or any exercise strengthens the connections between the brain cells for better functioning. With a strong brain with connected brain cells, you will be able to fi more things in your brain and memorize them for a long time.

It is not mentioned anywhere that you spend hours exercising, but it will take you just 30 minutes 5 times a week to exercise for the sake of brain development. You can also start by exercising for a small amount of time in the beginning and then slowly and gradually increase the time duration of the exercise.

2.      Create a proper study schedule and stick to it

You must create a proper study plan before starting with the eams preparation. You need to put the fixed time of the day for the preparation of your exam, and no matter how strong the storm came or how many events might erupt at the same time, you will stick to your plan and focus on preparing for your exam only. Scheduling a plan and sticking to it symbolizes your commitment to your studies.

Create the study plan so that you will spend more time on the topics in which you are weaker and would need extra attention, and then as per the other priorities, align your time.

3.      Don’t isolate yourself.

Scheduling a study time will help you come out of the isolation. Whereas, by any means, the isolation won’t work if you want to prepare for your exams. This ancient school of thought goes in the phase of isolation when you have your exams on your head, as not a single disturbance or distraction of mind is acceptable. However, people in today’s time need to understand that the brain has its own absorbing and memorizing capacity; if the capacity is reached, then you cannot fix more things with even the most arduous efforts.

To regenerate your brain’s capacity, you need to go out in the fresh air and meet people so your mind will work better. You will meet others, have a work with them or go put for some window shopping will boost up the energy levels.

4.      Take short breaks in between

When studying for exams, you are not supposed to sit in front of the books 24/7, but you also need to take short breaks. These breathers could just be the breathers, or it can also be a short period doing the favorite thing you like. However, you need to be mindful that you do not have to prolong your break time. Fi your short break time to 10 minutes or 15 minutes maximum because exceeding this limit will start lowering your motivation and interest in going back to the study schedule.

5.      Utilize the resources at the campus

Utilizing the resources available at the campus helps in many ways. When you are already on campus, you can quickly go to the library and explore different books that can boost your creative mind, and your interest in the study will also be more developed. Also, when you have freshly studied anything at the campus, you can quickly revise them by visiting the study area rather than immediately leaving for home or a job.

6.      Avoid Distractions

When you want to keep your mind on studying, you need to deduct all the distractions from your mind. If you have something going on in your family or with your friends, you need to keep those things aside and work on your study plans only. You must avoid physical and mental distractions to keep your mind on the learning process. If the environment you have chosen to study is distracting, then you should immediately change your place and sit in such an environment where there is no distraction.

7.      Don’t cram everything; a night before

It is a waste of studying a day before the exam. When you try to cram everything a night before the exam, the things already memorized in your mind will also get disturbed, and you might result in forgetting those as well. Do not stuff your minds on the eleventh hour, as it will only give you a negative response. When staying up late at night to cram on everything right before the exam, you are sacrificing your sleep, which is the most harmful thing you are doing. You can only function well and perfect your exam when you have completed the needed sleep for your mind to rest. A tired brain will make things worse.(Taylor, D. (2016)


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