Labels are not made for a day, but meant to last a lifetime. As long as your product exists, the label should beat the harsh conditions and remain as the sign and voice of your brand. Simply because with a label your product is a nameless entity and products are never supposed to be like that but reflect or echo the vision of your brand. 

So, what’s important here is that you create labels that are durable enough to withstand the strong tides of time by surviving in both harsh natural and man made-conditions alike. As professional label makers in Australia this is the kind of label that we wish to craft for you and therefore to help you out on this front, here are a few tips from our experts on how to get durable product labels for your brand. 

1.  Pick the right label material

First comes the material on which you print the label. If the material is not of top-notch quality, no matter the ink or technique that you use, it’s quality and durability will take a steady fall when exposed to different conditions like heat, moisture, sunlight, or friction. Imagine a shampoo bottle with a label that is not water-resistant, or the label of a wine bottle that is to be stored in a cellar for years which is not resistant to moisture. 

Naturally, before you know it, these labels would disintegrate and with it the reputation of your brand. So, if you are aiming to create a product label that is on par with the shelf life of that product, you need to give proper consideration to the conditions that it would be exposed to and choose the material accordingly. 

Tips for finding the right label material

  • Flexible label materials should be used for products that will be bent or squeezed so that the label won’t crack or peel off. 
  • Also, if your products are exposed to constant weather fluctuations, they are more likely to constantly expand and contract within a limited timeframe, so flexibility is of key importance. 
  • Synthetic label materials should be used for products that are constantly exposed to water like polypropylene as it is water-resistant. 
  • Depending on the normal wear and tear that your product would be exposed to, your label should be made of a material that is resistant to scratches or is tearproof. 

So, similarly, consider what all your products would be exposed to and then use a label maker and the right material to craft the perfect durable label for your brand. 

2.  Offer protections against direct sunlight

Sun or more precisely UV rays is one of the biggest enemies of your labels. So, the key to their durability is offering them protection against sunlight. But while several products would be kept out from direct sunlight you cannot do so in case of them all. For instance, automotive and industrial labels are meant to survive in the outside world. So, while you cannot keep sunlight from reaching these product labels, what you can do is add a protective layer that minimizes their exposure to the harmful UV rays. 

Tips to create UV resistant labels

  • While vinyl is one material that is considered suitable for outdoor labels, you can enhance its resistance to UV rays by adding a protective silicon varnish layer to the top of your label.  
  • You can laminate your labels and that way your label beneath will not come in direct contact with the harmful UV rays. 
  • Also important here is to use fade resistant ink as UV rays could break down the chemical bonds that inks consist of and therefore make way for gradual fading. 

With a label maker you can create labels that allow such modifications. So, know what you want and a label maker would bring that to life. 

3.  Your label should be resistant to fluids

We all know how paper and water don’t really go well together. When exposed to water or moisture, paper breaks down in a moment’s time. Consider a shampoo bottle, a wine bottle, food labels, beauty labels or even industrial labels that are constantly exposed to not just water but other fluids as well like oil. So, if you don’t want your product labels to experience a similar fate, you have to make them water resistant

How to create water-resistant labels? 

  • When it comes to creating labels for such products, you have to create a waterproof label and therefore, it’s recommended that you use synthetic materials like polypropylene, and polyethylene that are water-resistant. 
  • Apart from using water-resistant materials, you need to use adhesives that are resistant to water. For instance, freezer-grade label adhesives should be used for those products that are stored in refrigerators or cold storages.  

4.  Use a label maker for your labels

If a durable label is what you wish to create for your products, a label maker is at your service. With a label maker you can create high-quality premium labels that are not just durable but also beautiful enough to capture your target customer’s attention. 

So, while picking the right material and adhesive is of key importance, you also need to invest in a label maker for quality label solutions. Using them customize your labels into the colour, size and shape of your choice and have your brand’s vision reflected on a piece of material. 

So, follow these steps through and through and get durable product labels for your brand. Being an expert team of professional label makers in Australia. we at DAL are known to offer labels that stand the test of time and label makers fit for all your labelling needs. So, in case you have a labelling need at hand, get in touch with us today