Chillbox AC has been found as the most affordable mini-AC. stumbling upon this mini square-shaped AC was nothing but sheer satisfaction and excitement for people.

A desktop AC that is power-friendly, pocket-friendly, and environment-friendly is nothing but a miracle in itself. Sometimes words can’t do justice but I’ll try to summarize this pleasant experience in a way as precise as possible. Don’t be surprised when I tell you it’s portable and comes with a rechargeable Lithium-Ion Battery. And if this wasn’t enough, you can have it delivered to your doorstep without having to take a foot out in this hot weather!

Chillbox AC

Chillbox AC Key Functions

The Chillbox AC compact air conditioner has multiple key features as described below:

Air cooler: Chillbox AC features a low-power air cooling solution that will give you a relaxing, natural breeze without any hassles about high power costs. This air cooling feature can even be used outside. Nevertheless, remember that this unit will work more efficiently in a small space when used by one person.

Fan: Chillbox Portable AC can also work as a traditional fan, and it can help keep your space nice and comfortable. Set the desired speed and adjust the grills to ensure the cool air is the most appropriate direction for your needs. This device is a highly convenient, portable fan that you can use anywhere.

Humidifier: Conventional air conditioners typically use up all the humidity inside a room, making your indoor quality airless moist, and less natural. In contrast, this Chillbox AC unit will actually improve the humidity in your rooms thanks to its innovative water tank design that allows it to generate moist and cool air all day long.

Air purifier: Chillbox AC also features an air purifying system that eliminates toxic elements like bee pollen, allergens, and other air pollutants. This compact unit ensures you can breathe better quality air and protects your body from most air pollutants. Visit its official website for a safe purchase!

What is Chillbox AC?

There is this new company in the market called Chillbox AC ready to disrupt the normal market of fans, chillers, and Air Conditioners. They have a range of products for cooling purposes. But this article focuses on their newest product, Chillbox AC.

This Chillbox portable AC comes in a square-like shape and sits on your table while you work, sleep, or do whatever you would like to while keeping your body temperature maintained. You can put this product on a table or take it with you while you move around.

Chillbox AC

How Does it Work?

This device is basically just plug-and-play. It can be plugged into any socket, placed anywhere and operated any time you want even when there’s no power thanks to its rechargeable battery.

It comes with a USB cable that can be plugged into the nearest power outlet and VOILA! It’s ready to be used.

Functions Of Chillbox AC

The Chillbox AC comes with a variety of functions and options catering to your personal needs. It’s quiet, gets powered on/charged with just a USB cable. Getting a product that doesn’t require heavy wires can provide such relief was a feeling unknown to us until now. It’s designed in such a way that it goes idle when not in use, consumes lesser electricity, is environmentally friendly, and doesn’t make a whole lot of sound when in use.

These are just some surface-level pros. This product has a whole package of functions and advantages that sometimes seem too good to be true.

Benefits Of Chillbox

This device offers so much at such a reasonable price. We were pleasantly surprised by the offerings.

  • PERSONAL AC: Seems fair to call it your personal cooling companion. You can tuck it with you, put it wherever you like, use it as a regular fan or air chiller. It all comes down to you.
  • VARIABLE AIRFLOW: It provides three different airflow options with three different airspeeds. Set the speed and direction the way you want and say goodbye to the hot temperature around you.
  • SKIN FRIENDLY: It may surprise some people but considering a cooling or heating device should also include the fact that these devices can have a major impact on your skin. All cool air with no or low humidity can cause skin problems. This AC makes sure your skin stays healthy thanks to its onboard misting device.
  • Stay Comfortable and Chilled to the Max With This Personal Wonder


This device is intended to be used by individuals or a small group of people. The size may be small but the number of advantages it has isn’t.

  1. It comes with an ice tray. Just put ice in it and turn the air as chilly as you like.
  2. There is also a water curtain. What it does is take heat from your surrounding away from you. Just soak the water curtain and let the evaporation do the work for you.
  3. It can be used as a humidifier as well.
  4. A device that only needs refueling of water occasionally and changing of water curtains can certainly be titled as maintenance-free.
  5. An AC without a bulky heavy wire for supplying high currents sounds impossible but this desktop AC does the work just fine without the need of installing big cables to run it.
  6. At this point, it’s fair to say that the portability and recharging function of this personal AC is amazing. Finally, remote work can be done in areas with hot temperatures. Just take this baby AC with you wherever you go whenever you go.
  7. It provides a lifetime warranty so in case you mess up or the device starts acting weird, you’re covered.


Before you get too excited, it’s important to understand that this AC isn’t meant to replace the huge conventional ACs installed in your offices or rooms. This is meant to be used by individuals who need just a small chiller that can direct cool air towards them.

This AC isn’t available offline. Which means you won’t be able to just buy it off the shelf. This might be bad news for someone who doesn’t trust shopping online and giving away their personal details.


For $89.99 (USD), you can get 1x Single Room Pack. While the website also offers the following promotional packages.

2x Studio Pack for $170.98
3x Multi-Room Pack for $242.97
4x Expansive Coverage Pack for $305.97
Final Words on Chillbox AC Review

Personally, I think this product is amazing if it manages to fulfill its promise in long term. A personal AC capable of being placed on a table while managing to serve you with cool air is a huge step towards portability and small ACs. The fact that it can be used as a regular fan and consumes such low power is already on the top of my list.

However, readers need to be cautious and must stay realistic while purchasing this product. It can only do so much while being this small. Use it properly and don’t try to overuse it by trying to cool an area larger than it is cable of. Visit Official Chillbox AC Website Here

Where To Buy Chillbox AC?

This AC is available on the manufacturer’s website. This product was launched for a limited time only and there are no guarantees if the company would restock. Products are being shipped on a first come first serve basis with a sale on the items right now. The company is promising 30 days full refund in case of any fault or if the product is eligible for a refund