Tea is a distinctive sentiment that is celebrated in every household. Things differ in different cultures, countries and regions, but the love for tea remains constant. It is the most consumed refreshing beverage in the world. But again, even when it comes to tea, people only rely on the brands that have been serving the best over the year. This list is for exactly those consumers who are looking for the tastiest flavours through highly recommended brands. Below you will discover the 5 top tea powder brands chosen by consumers in the Middle East.

Al-Kbous Tea

The first trusted brand on the list is Al Kbous Tea. They have been in the business for over 70 years and are known for their outstanding tea production. The brand has its own plantation, which shows its originality and years of expertise. They have a bunch of tea which includes black and green tea specifically. Every tea of their taste is delicious and can be drunk even by adding some milk. Boil the tea for like 2 to 3 minutes and enjoy the best serving. The brand even shares the idea of adding sugar, mint or lemon for extra taste. A few cubes of ice can be refreshing too. The brand focuses on quality, taste and purity majorly.

Tata Tea

Every person around the world must be familiar with Tata’s. They are the biggest business group that is recognised for their excellence in different sectors. The brand has many different services and products. One of the leading businesses they take part in is the plantations of tea. With that, they integrate their brilliant minds with the name TATA Tea. The consumer product provider has local to premium collections. They even own a line of powdered tea as well as green tea. Every product shares its uniqueness with the ones who consume it. TATA Tea has been and always will be one of Asia’s top choices and even in worldwide. 

Ahmad Tea

Cherish the flavour of delightful English tea by choosing Ahmad Tea London. The love of morning tea in the English culture inspires the brand. The main reason for the brand’s success is its commitment to providing the best. They follow the motto of selling quality goods that even the company’s chairman would love daily. This thoughtfulness and consistency have made Ahmad Tea the best tea provider. They have great relations with premium tea growers and treat them like a part of the family. Tea is artistry, and Ahmad Tea selects the taste that a diverse audience will rejoice in their homes. 


The next brand has been loved since the year 1971. The tea-growing brand bears the roots of Sri Lankan long tea leaves. They have good flavours to refresh every mood of yours. A few of them are organic mint, lemon, black tea, green tea, ginger, lemon, Moroccan mint and masala tea. The brand even offers a special connoisseur blend which has further refreshing flavours all in together. Their curled, fine and full tea has a speciality in each type. Enjoy the distinctive flavours and a simplistic approach of trust as well as quality from this brand. Slurp it feel relieved from stress.


The last brand on the list is every Arab’s favourite Lipton tea. They started their operations in 1890, which marks over 133 years of experience in the industry. It began in Scotland and is now a global phenomenon. The brand has the concept of providing tea that will rejuvenate your health. They are even the pioneers of the idea of green tea-drinking culture. In every way, Lipton has formed a loyal fanbase that aims to drink delicious tea and stay healthy. The brand is infamous for promoting digestion, weight management and heart health, which adds to the brand’s goodness. 


As for the final, tea will always be the most enjoyed beverage all over the world. Whether it is a party, brunch, or just a casual dine-out, tea still remains the most refreshing beverage in history. So, taste the best by choosing the best from popular and recommended brands by people like you on the internet. Or just go with the top 5 listed above because the good ones will always create the strongest impact.