Jan Kuehnemund was one of the great pioneers and influencers in female-fronted metal music; her contributions as founding member and lead guitarist of Vixen are unquestionable in that genre alone. Kuehnemund went beyond simply playing an instrument; her influence had an immeasurable ripple effect across many other female musicians trying to break into male-dominated industries like metal. She served as both role model and pioneer – an essential figurehead.

Key Details

  • Full Name: Jan Kuehnemund
  • Birth Date: November 18, 1961
  • Origin: St. Paul, Minnesota
  • Band: Vixen
  • Popular Singles: “Cryin'”, “Edge of a Broken Heart”, “Love Is a Killer”, “How Much Love”
  • Date of Passing: October 10, 2013

Early Life and Formation of Vixen:

Jan Kuehnemund began her musical journey by founding Vixen as part of her high school experience in St Paul, Minnesota on November 18th 1961. Over time this has grown into one of her primary pursuits and can now be considered her hallmark achievement in terms of glam metal music. The band, which initially started as a dream in high school, would later move to the bustling city of Los Angeles in 1985, spearheaded by Kuehnemund and the talented vocalist, Janet Gardner.

Rise to Stardom with Vixen’s Debut:

Vixen first made waves with their self-titled release in 1988, led by Kuehnemund’s infectious guitar riffs that managed to grab people’s attention and result in two hit singles, “Cryin'” and “Edge of a Broken Heart”. Their appearance in Penelope Spheeris’s film, “The Decline of Western Civilization II: The Metal Years”, only solidified their standing in the industry. Moreover, with the influential platform of MTV showcasing their videos, Vixen’s fame knew no bounds.

Challenges and Rev It Up:

Vixen followed up the success of their debut album by releasing “Rev It Up” in 1990, boasting songs like “Love Is a Killer” and “How Much Love”. Unfortunately, subsequent challenges including label cancellation caused Vixen to temporarily disband before returning later under new management.

Reformation and Continuation of Vixen:

Music, much like life, often comes full circle. Vixen, after a hiatus, saw a reformation. Although the band saw various new members over the years, the return of Kuehnemund in 2001 was a significant moment for Vixen enthusiasts. A notable moment was the brief reunion of the classic lineup in 2004 for VH1’s “Bands Reunited”. While the classic members soon chose different paths, Kuehnemund’s dedication to Vixen remained unwavering. She continued to play under the Vixen banner, embracing new members along the way.

Legacy and Tribute:

The news of Kuehnemund’s passing was heartfelt, with tributes pouring in from fans and fellow musicians. JanetShareRoxyGina (aka JSRG), consisting of Vixen’s former members, expressed their profound sadness on social media, celebrating her life and legacy. For many, Kuehnemund was not just a gifted guitarist but a beacon of inspiration, embodying strength, humility, and grace. Her spirit, they believe, will forever resonate through the music she left behind.

Jan Kuehnemund’s remarkable journey into glam metal stands as testimony of her undeniable talent, resilience, and dedication to music. Though her tragic untimely demise left an irreparable hole in music communities worldwide, her legacy still lives on and inspires generations after. A beacon for women in rock and metal music alike, Kuehnemund serves as an inspirational reminder that passion coupled with determination can pave a pathway for groundbreaking success.


Who was Jan Kuehnemund?

Jan Kuehnemund was the founding member and lead guitarist of the all-female glam metal band, Vixen.When did Jan Kuehnemund pass away?

Jan Kuehnemund passed away on October 10, 2013.What was the cause of Jan Kuehnemund’s death?

Jan Kuehnemund died after a long battle with cancer.How old was Jan Kuehnemund at the time of her passing?

Jan Kuehnemund was 51 years old when she passed away.