A not-so-pleasing office can really take a toll on employees’ motivation and efficiency. So, an edgy office fit-out is a must-have. But if you feel overwhelmed by the vast choices, this guide will help you out.

  1. Explore open office designs

This design has more open workspaces with long rows of desks within small divisions instead of cubicles. In addition, you can separate the kitchen and relaxing zone from the main office to suit your aesthetics and vibe.

Most companies adopt the open office concept to encourage employees and boost their motivation level for these added benefits.

● You will save lots of money on the office setup cost as there’s more space to fit people in the small space.

● In this setup, employees get more chances to interact with each other without any barriers. A study by the MIT Media lab supported this statement. It showed a 99% chance that they would talk with each other.

● The trust between managers and employees improves.

● The flexibility of the open office design is also an important reason to adopt this culture. If someone’s productivity is suspicious, the existing layout doesn’t work, or the distance between team members creates unnecessary problems, you can change it immediately.

  1. Fill the entire space with multiple lights

Office lighting standards underwent many transitions in the last few years to improve employees’ energy levels, moods, and productivity. However, before you find your best fit, consider some facts.

● Many offices use LED Bulbs as it needs low maintenance. It can sustain for a long time and doesn’t require excessive energy. In addition, you can control the brightness of LED bulbs and change it according to the daytime and nighttime.

● Pick fluorescent and LED bulbs in the office area to increase your employees’ concentration. Use warm yellow or warm orange lights in the relaxing zone.

● Buy motion sensors, timers, and dimmers with the lights to cut down the huge electricity bill.

Make sure to place the computer in accordance with the lighting to avoid any kind of screen reflection issues.

  1. Improve the quality of ventilation

Your employees are prone to victims of sick building syndrome from poor office ventilation. So, pay extra attention to this part during the renovation. There are multiple ways to improve it depending upon the building size.

For medium or small buildings with 10 floors or less, you must keep the window open and use ventilation equipment to create air passages.

If your office is located in a large building, invest in good quality ventilation equipment.

  1. Try Glass partitioning

Glass partitioning enhances the overall look of your office layout within seconds. Modern companies use this design for many reasons, including…

· A glass partition allows natural lights to enter your office. The sunshine creates positive effects on your employees’ minds.

· You can customize it anytime as these are easy to install and portable. In most cases, glass partitioning is durable if you select the right grade and thickness.

· Glass partitions are soundproof to a level so the workers can focus efficiently.

· The elegance of these glass partitions is impeccable. It will definitely create a good impression on your clients.

  1. Consider standing desks

Gone are the days when people “sit” to work 24*7… if you’re not aware, this is one of the most interesting and useful ways to promote workplace efficiency.

Nowadays, offices are trying this new concept of the standing desk. It helps to burn more calories and eases the lower back pain, which ultimately helps boost their productivity.

Don’t forget to keep a chair with it as constant standing causes leg and foot pain, so you might also want to sit down at intervals.

My friend based in Australia explored some office fitouts Melbourne by Profile Interiors and redesigned her office space very recently – she especially mentioned the benefits of standing desks and their amazing impacts on her team. 

Over to you…

All these office fitouts can make your office beautiful and productive. But make sure you have a theme ready in your mind before starting the redesign. Then, if you’re troubled, discuss it with experts. Moreover, add break-out spaces and trendy furniture to boost the positive vibe.