Pet enthusiasts worldwide love raising various kinds of pets, which dogs would be the all-time favorite. However, based on a current publish, it appears the chief reporter at kingdom isn’t pleased with his dog.

He calls cats arrogant pets without any neediness from the dog population, and that he describes his dog like a bind, almighty and nuisance pet. He’s printed a publish using the heading “I Had a Dog and that i Hate It,” and contains began making news online among your readers within the U . s . States, Australia, Canada, and also the Uk.

Who’s Sean O’Neill?

Sean O’Neill may be the chief reporter in the Occasions. Also, he offered within the famous newspaper The Daily Telegraph in 2004 before joining The Occasions. He offered because the editor of crime and peace of mind in the newspaper, covering terrorism and policing before you take in the current role.

He’s sometimes known for disclosing the storyline of Oxfam’s conspiracy of indecent exploitation from the aid youthful women workers within the earthquake-hit section of Haiti. All his reporting are recognized and appreciated within the parliament.

However, he is incorporated in the news for his new publish known as I Acquired your dog and that i Hate It. It covers the storyline of his pet that caused injuries to him lately in the forearm.

What’s the Story About?

Around the tenth of August 2021, Sean O’Neill covered the storyline “We had a Dog, and that i hate It.” It’s the story about his dog Finn that is a spaniel breed. He hates your dog while he stays dirty, bites exactly what comes his way, as well as causes damages towards the furniture.

Also, he stated that whenever using the pet for any walk, another dog proprietors envy his unique dog breed. But, he stated he never wanted your pet. In the story, I Acquired your dog and that i Hate It, he added that things counseled me good before the pet caused him injuries after biting on his forearm.

Sean contacted your dog to provide him some morsel and demonstrative pat. But, in exchange, your pet gave him a bite on his bare forearm, and also the bite was too strong. Initially, the website wasn’t paining, but he saw some bloodstream appearing out of the website.

So, he ran towards the drain and rinsed the website to determine any injuries. He saw there were three puncture wounds around the forearm, also it was bleeding.

Readers’ Reactions following the Publish I Acquired your dog and that i Hate It

After evaluating, we found hardly any details about the publish. There aren’t any reactions or comments available. But, we found a publish where it’s pointed out that Sean views cats arrogant and it has no affection and love for that dog population.

Since he describes your dog population like a nuisance, bind, and almighty pest, many colleagues strongly disagree with this particular belief.


Sean O’Neill may be the chief reporter in the famous news funnel, and today he’s making news after his publish “We Had a Dog, and that i Hate It” on his dog is trending and also the injuries caused to him through the pet.

However, visitors searching while using term I Acquired your dog and that i Hate It, however the heading is We’ve Got your dog, and that i Hate It. So, please ensure to take this into account.