Professional wrestling is an exciting world filled with bright lights, dazzling personas and amazing athletic feats. Behind the glamour, there are often stories of tragedies and personal struggles. Mike Von Erich is a member of the Von Erich wrestling family. His story is one of many poignant stories. The sudden and mysterious death of Mike Von Erich not only shocked the wrestling community, but shed light on personal struggles wrestlers face behind the scene.

Key Details

  • Full Name: Michael Brett Adkisson
  • Wrestling Alias: Mike Von Erich
  • Date Of Birth: February 2, 1964
  • Date Of Death: April 12 1987
  • Affiliation: Von Erich wrestling dynasty
  • Notable incidents: Arrests on drug and alcohol charges; missing reports; discovery of death.

Mike Von Erich, Rising Star of the Wrestling Dynasty

Mike Von Erich was a proud member of the Von Erich wrestling clan and had a legacy to uphold. He didn’t initially intend to enter the wrestling industry, but family expectations and circumstances led him there. The Von Erich name and his natural athleticism made him a star. With fame, however, came the pressure of expectations. This would have a significant impact on Mike’s later life.

The Last Days: A Series of Alarming Events

A series of disturbing events marked the week that led up to Mike Von Erich’s tragic death. The incidents, from his arrest for driving under the influence of drugs and driving while intoxicated to his sudden disappearance hinted at an internal conflict. Mike, who was known for his professionalism and whose absence from a match was uncharacteristic, caused the family to be anxious. These incidents paint a picture that a young person is struggling with his personal demons. They also hint at the immense pressures faced by professional athletes.

The Discovery: A tragic end

Mike’s discovery, near Lewisville Lake, was the heartbreaking conclusion to the search. The body was found in a sleeping bag with no external signs of injury. The autopsy could not definitively determine the cause, but the general consensus was that Mike had been overwhelmed by the challenges of life and chose to end it. The notes found in his apartment and car further confirmed this belief. They gave a heartbreaking insight to his last moments and thoughts.

The Von Erich Curse – A legacy marred by tragedy

The Von Erichs were no strangers to tragedy, despite the immense success they achieved in the world of wrestling. Mike’s death heightened whispers of the “Von Erich curse”. This section explores the many challenges faced by Von Erich members throughout the years. It aims to understand their intricacies and the weight of their legacy as well as how they may have contributed to the individual tragedies.

Wrestling World Reacts – Mourning Loss of Young Talent

The death of Mike Von Erich sent shockwaves throughout the wrestling community. Fans, wrestlers and promoters all mourned this promising talent’s loss. Mike’s commitment to the sport, as well as his friendly nature and potential, were highlighted in the many testimonials that flooded the internet. The reaction of the wrestling community was a testimony to Mike’s status within the community, and the gaping hole his departure left.

Mental health in professional wrestling: A crisis that is often overlooked?

Mike Von Erich’s tragic death highlights a pressing issue within the professional wrestling world: the mental health of its participants. This section explores the unique challenges wrestlers face, from the physical demands of their job to the emotional strains that come with living in constant scrutiny. The aim of this section is to promote a greater understanding and start conversations about support structures.

Mike Von Erich’s tragic death serves as a reminder of the battles that are often hidden behind the glamour and glitz of professional wrestling. His legacy as a professional wrestler will live on forever in the history of the sport. However, his struggles highlight the urgent need to address mental issues within the wrestling industry. It is our duty as fans and supporters to reflect and act so that future wrestlers’ stories don’t follow Mike’s sad descent into despair.


Who Was Mike Von Erich

Mike Von Erich was born Michael Brett Adkisson. He is a professional wrestler who comes from the famous Von Erich wrestling clan.Where did Mike Von Erich’s corpse end up?

Near Lewisville Lake his body was found peacefully zipping inside a sleepingbag in dense underbrush.What is the official cause of death in ?

A cause of death was not definitively determined by an autopsy, but the circumstances and evidence point to a suicide.Did you find any signs or notes?

In his apartment and in his Roanoke car, there were notes that indicated suicidal thoughts.Was Mike Von Erich facing legal troubles?

Recently, he was arrested for driving under the Influence and Drug Possession.