A woman recently made the news for an insect bite that turned her finger purple and white. If you thought the bite must’ve been caused by a rare species, you’d be wrong.

The woman was actually bitten by a yellow sac spider, one of the most common spiders in the U.S. Yellow sac spiders are known to bite humans, injecting venom with their fangs.

Though these bites don’t always result in serious reactions, pain and some skin damage is common.

To avoid coming in contact with these creepy crawlers, read on to learn how to get rid of yellow sac spiders in your home.

Vacuum and Clean Regularly

A dirty home makes for a cozy hideaway for yellow sac spiders. To get rid of yellow sac spiders, be sure to vacuum thoroughly at least once a week. Vacuum under furniture and in cracks where these pests may be hiding.

Be sure to tidy up and dust your home regularly too. Wipe surfaces with a vinegar solution, which naturally deters spiders.

Eliminate Other Insects

Yellow sac spiders tend to hang out where other insects do. That’s because they prefer to feed on other bugs.

Set up traps for insects like roaches, and spray around the perimeter of your home with a bug-blocking spray.

Also look for any conditions that may be attracting bugs to your home. For example, get rid of any standing water outside your home that could be appealing to mosquitoes, and clean up food crumbs after eating to keep ants at bay.

Install Screens on Windows and Doors

Like many other pests, yellow sac spiders can enter your home through cracks around your windows and doors. One way to help keep them out is by installing screens on these openings.

This is especially helpful when the seasons change and the weather gets colder. Spiders looking for warm shelter may flock to your windows and doors. But with a sturdy screen, they’re much less likely to find a way inside.

Keep Your Yard Spotless

Yellow sac spiders are known to hide in wood piles, leaves, and other outdoor debris.

If your yard is full of debris, it’s likely yellow sac spiders are nesting right outside your home. Keep them away by removing trash, timber, and other materials as frequently as possible.

Carry Yellow Sac Spiders Outside

If you find a yellow sac spider in your home, you may want to smash or stomp on it to kill it. But because these spiders carry eggs on their backs, doing so may only release dozens of new spiders.

The best course of action is to pick up the spider and carry it outside.

Call the Professionals

Sometimes, getting rid of yellow sac spiders requires professional exterminators.

If you keep spotting these spiders in and around your home, contact pest control at https://www.holmesutah.com/ for help.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Sac Spiders

If you’re afraid of suffering a nasty bite, it’s important to eliminate yellow sac spiders from your home. Use our guide above on how to get rid of yellow sac spiders to keep your home spider-free.

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