The article discusses the main points that Supreme Court Doxxed and the reasons why these events occurred following the decision taken by them.

Are you aware of the latest news about the group of activists who are removed from TikTok? Are you aware of the reason? We’ll tell you the reason this happened. In the last few days the statement about the case in favor of abortion became viral and a lot of people were dissatisfied with the verdict of the six judges who reached a certain conclusion. The people of those from the United StatesCanada as well as in the United Kingdom were extremely shocked to hear about the decision. We’ll tell you the details of Supreme Court Doxxedbelow.

What’s the story about?

The news broke after the group of radical activists did a slap on high court justices over the Roe Vs Wade case, and due to this, they were barred from TikTok. The decision didn’t be well-liked by the group, and a second account was set up to complain about the ban. It stated that their accounts were blocked and that the accounts of the group were banned on a massive scale. They asked their followers to contact the legal team and request for the reinstatement of their accounts. They also posted a photo which stated that they had not abided by the guidelines of the community.

What Does Doxxed Mean ?

A lot of people are wondering about the meaning behind doxed. We will explain the meaning behind the word. Doxxed refers to the publishing of details about an individual that has malicious or negative intent. This was the case with judge from the Supreme Court, where their information was published from an organization that were unhappy with the ruling made by the court on the abortion of a embryo. The leak caused their suspension and they’re trying to get their accounts with the assistance by their fans.

Details on Supreme Court Doxxed

The account that was banned had video of the protests , where women were dressed up in intriguing characters inspired by Margaret Atwood’s dystopian book, The Handmaid’s Tale, and were protesting against the decision taken by the judge of the Supreme Court. The account also criticized chief justice Brett Kavanaugh by calling him insanely religious and insanity. Additionally, the group had disrupted a service at a church and Catholic groups condemned it as an act of disrespect.

Additionally protests were held outside judges’ residences and slammed them with different names, begging for justice, and threatening them over their incorrect decision. It was revealed that the Supreme Court Addresses Leakedafter their decision and the protests stated that women aren’t birthing machines.

Anyone who wants to know the full details can learn more about the incident here. .

Final Sum-Up

It is clear the fact that the decision of those Supreme Court judges did not get the approval of women and other people which caused a protest. We wish that the situation will be resolved quickly without negative consequences for activists groups. They’ve picked the wrong approach to advance their cause. What do you think of the ruling? Are the activities that the Supreme Court Getting Doxxed correct? Leave your comments below.