Dutchies fresh market was founded by Mike Renkema, which provides fresh and quality food products at discounted prices. And as his family has a good history in the food industry, they initially started their business with farming and expanded it by entering the marketplace. Now, they provide their products and sell food products to local sellers. And they are considered as a leading firm to provide quality bakery products, vegetables & fruits, frozen food, meat, diary, deli. 

But as every marketplace has its offers, discounts, and even an online ordering system, we have come up with a helpful guide. That includes the detailed process of ordering food online and tips to save money while shopping through flyers and weekly ads. However, keep reading further if you are already searching for Dutchies Fresh Market flyers

How to order online from Dutchie’s:

During COVID, online shopping was the only option left for people to full fill their day-to-day requirements. It is not only safe from getting infected but saves your time as well. However, only $5 is applied to deliver your order and support the staff working at Dutchies fresh markets in Canada. But if you are a senior, you are exempt from delivery charges. Below we have shared a detailed guide to order your food online.

  • Enroll yourself on the website or download the application:

First of all, whether you prefer a website or application, enroll yourself to place an order while enjoying welcome coupons and discounts. Those are specifically designed as per your preference. 

  • Order discounted groceries:

After enrolling yourself, you can explore various offers, discounts, and coupons that can be applied. Accordingly, you can fill your cart with your grocery list and enjoy heavy discounts through Dutchie’s Fresh Market Flyers as well. However, while ordering your groceries, always check for the availability for the same. In case you notice any unavailability, try communicating with staff. 

  • Easy checkout:

Next, click on submit. But always remember, “you will not receive any confirmation mail or automation text.” But if you face any technical issue while delivering your order, you can contact the staff of Dutchies fresh market immediately. 

  • Final confirmation:

Even if you forget to check the availability, the staff of Dutchies fresh market will contact you immediately and try to solve the issue if you would like to add a substitute. 

  • Final call:

Once the total of your order is ready, you will be asked to visit the supermarket for the contactless pickup. You can pay your bill by using E-transfer or debit at the curb side. But if you prefer E-transfer, kindly pay your bill before pick up, ads it requires its own time to process the payment. 

  • Pickup timely 

As Dutchies fresh market mostly has a high volume of an order each day with a limited amount of storage, it’s always suggested to pick your order within 15 to 20 minutes from the final call. 


  • Dutchies fresh market no longer accept credit cards. But to highlight your payment issue or any special circumstances, you can fill the special instruction box while placing your order to have better assistance.
  • Currently, they are accepting debit cards and E-transfer. However, if you choose E-transfer, kindly complete your payment before picking up your order. 
  • No extra charges will be applied on the item available and included in your order.  
  • If you face any technical issue while placing your order or receiving the same, you can contact the store immediately and resolve your issue at the earliest. 


Hopefully, our article was informative and helped you understand the online ordering process of the leading supermarket – Dutchies fresh market. We also suggest you save your hard-earned money and try buying your groceries from discounts or offers to have value-added shopping. 

However, next time before shopping through any grocery store, we recommend you consider the guide given above for detailed guidance.