The Hello Kitty squishmallow brand has never stopped releasing the fancy squishmallows as they are still dropping some bomb designs. The cow squishmallow and axolotl squishmallow are the two most anticipated lines from the brand that we are going to pay attention to. 

On one side you have squishmallows with a variety of designs both in terms of facial features and the overall body texture. With the likes of Candess, Kalina, Colin, and Nightingale being the freshest releases.

In the axolotl squad, things are a little different, these collections are themed around the famous Mexican salamander Axolotl. Almost all the toys in this collection take over the fancy chrome gills from the Mexican salamander which are designed to perfection.

Super creative designs

One thing is for sure! The squishmallows are getting dapper and more stylish with every passing day. The styles are evolving and the best thing to notice is the improvement in the design prints. 

When you look at the releases from this year alone! Candess or Chasmen for instance has such a striking design. Every single detail in the design is up to the mark due to the improved quality of fabric and dyes used in the toys.

Moreover, the design prints are not the only department that has upped a notch! Similar improvements are also seen in the softness and stitching department. When the stitching of a stuffed toy is up to the standard it naturally enhances the design. This is what has been the case for the cow and squishmallow axolotl toys released in 2022. 

Moreover, because of extra stuffing of the high-grade polyester material in every possible corner of the body. The softness of the toys is sky-high at the moment with even a single squeeze to the belly feels like you are touching a feather.

Perfect birthday gift

Have a birthday party coming up in your home? Well, it is time for an event that will be filled with fun and entertainment. How can you have a birthday party without selecting some beautiful gifts for your kid?

It is time for you to surprise your kid by gifting him a super cozy squishmallow from the cow squad. Why should you go for a change this time? Well, your kid might have already had a PS5 or other electronic toys with him.

It is now the time to push him towards the toys like Cow squishmallow which create a beautiful bond between him and you. As a parent, you would love to spend some time with your kid and the axolotl and cow squishmallow is here to do that for you.

Ideal for hugs and cuddles at night

Toys like Bubba, Belozi, and Reshma make your cuddle time even better. Due to the polyester chunks stuffed in their oversize chubby belly, the toys are super soft. In addition to this, the marshmallow-like appearance gives them a super squishy touch.

Such a design is the perfect recipe for warm hugs and soft cuddles. Squishmallow squads are therefore the perfect toys for the whole family. 

For kids to play with them all day long so that they don’t get bored only playing video games all day. For adults, the large-sized ones are perfect for bedtime as the cuddles are super soft and warm. 

When it is the chilly season and the temperatures are dropping it is time to grab one of these from the closet. That is all you need to keep your body warm as you snuggle into bed with the super warm cow and axolotl squishmallow toys.

Perfect for makeover and dress-up play

Kids love when they have a toy at home with which they can play freely. Squishmallow is a super soft toy designed to fulfill that purpose perfectly. 

When at home there is a lot that the kids want to do to their toys. Some ideas also include a makeover and dress-up games. 

Now, as the squishmallow are available in a variety of sizes this makes them perfect for dressing up. Kids at home can dress their squishmallows in various clothes just to make them look even prettier. This sort of activity is also great if you wish to spend some quality time with your kid. 

Axolotl squishmallow squad is already having jaw-dropping designs, so it doesn’t necessarily need a makeover. It is the cow squishmallow collection that requires more attention in this department. 

Super easy to wash and clean you can let your kids give the cow squishmallows a makeover without worrying. Due to the outer polyester design, the toy is easily washable after the rough play in your washing machine.