Choosing the right wetsuit can make or break your diving experience. You could spend more time putting on your wetsuit than actually being in the water if the suit is too small. Finding the right balance between the fit and simplicity of a wetsuit is key. Here are some things to consider when choosing your new wetsuit.

Are you diving in cold or warm water?

There are different weights of wetsuits for different temperatures of water. You don’t want to dive into cold temperatures and be surprised you don’t have enough insulation. It’s recommended for cold temperatures that your wetsuit is 5mm or thicker. However, in warm waters, you may only want a 2-3mm wetsuit.

How Should a Wetsuit Fit?

There are specific areas you can pay attention to that will help you determine if your wetsuit fits or not. If you’ve ever rented a wetsuit before and it wasn’t the right fit, you may have noticed that there is extra room in the crotch or armpits. This excess room may make the suit uncomfortable as water may pool into these areas. You also don’t want a suit that is too tight either; if your wetsuit is too tight, it may restrict your mobility while diving.

What kind of diving will you be doing?

Having a wetsuit that is the right build for the type of diving you’re doing is imperative. If you have a wetsuit that has too many durability accessories or is too thick of a weight, your dive may be uncomfortable. Knowing ahead of time what your dive requires is always good practice. If you’re diving with a guide, call ahead to see what wetsuit would be best.

Is it Removable? 

The most important aspect of a wetsuit, arguably, is the ease of putting it on and taking it off. It’s important to be familiar with all the nuances of different wetsuits. Zippers, material, and shape all affect what you’ll experience when putting on the suit. Some wetsuits for women and men vary in shape and you may find that one suits your body shape better than the other.  It might be a good idea to go to a local scuba shop and try on various types of wetsuits. See which wetsuit vibes with you the most and that you can enjoy putting on before each dive!