Big Boss 15 had decided to add some new twists to the show, by bringing in more contestants (wild card challengers). Did you not know that Rajiv is set to appear on BB15 as wild card challenger? With his stunning look and charm his supporters all over the world worldwideare curious to learn everything about his character.

To get all the details regarding his professional and personal life, take a look at Rajiv Adatia’s Wiki to the very end.

Who is Rajiv Adatia?

Rajiv is an actor, model and brand ambassador, an Entrepreneur, and extremely effective motivational writer and speaker.


Neela Adatia is his mother of the child, while Deepa Adatia happens to be his sibling. Rajiv’s father’s name is hidden. His father died at the age of 18 , which is a long time ago. Rajiv is currently 23 years old and Scorpio can be his Zodiac sign.

Rajiv is born 1998 in London. He is the Rakhi-brother of Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty. His interests include Football. He is not married, and the identity of his girlfriend isn’t disclosed.

Salman Khan is his favourite actor as is Shilpa Shetty has been his most favored actress. Rajiv Adatia Wiki confirms the fact that Eminem is his favorite artist. He loves various spots in London.


Rajiv was a graduate with a degree in Performing Arts and Psychology from the University of London.


He started his career in modeling at the age of at the age of 18. Rajiv was determined to become an entrepreneurial. At first, he worked in a wedding decor business called The Wedding In Style.

Rajiv is the person who started an event management company. He also serves as an ambassador for brands of both domestic as well as international firms.

His passion for motivating people began when he realized that something was lacking in his life. This led to discontent. Rajiv Adatia Wiki informs us that he was looking to help others, and one of his best methods was to inspire individuals with powerful words. To accomplish this he launched his Instagram page, @rajivadatiaquotes. Here you can find inspirational stories and inspirational quotes.


The details about Rajiv’s earnings and net worth has not been released to the public.


Rajiv is about 6 feet tall and weighs between 83 and 84 Kgs. His body measurements are 42-32-15. He has glossy black hair and eye color.

Latest news:

Rajiv is scheduled to be a part of BB15 Weekend Ka Vaar. But, he is of the opinion that the Shetty sisters in BB15 are his competitions.

Rajiv Adatia Wiki followers:

Rajiv has over 523K social followers. His followers are from a variety of fields of life, like the business and entertainment industries and other industries. People love the positive outlook of Rajiv who transforms negative thoughts into positive ones with his inspiring phrases.

Rajiv on social media platforms

You can follow Rajiv via Instagram @rajivadatia Tiktok @rajivadatia Twitter @TheRajivAdatia, and Urlebird @rajivadatia.


According to Rajiv that being optimistic even when you are in the darkest and most challenging moments will help you get through. He is committed to inspiring people suffering from anxiety, stress, and mental health problems. Rajiv Adatia’s Wiki exposes his erogenous character. He is highly skilled and career-focused since he was successful within five years of launching his career.