Are you currently keen on cryptocurrencies and crypto tokens? Are you currently searching for any new cryptocurrency to purchase it? We’ll today discuss a very common and cost-effective cryptocurrency, “PantherSwap Token” or “PANTHER Gold coin.”

The token is gaining lots of recognition because the Panther Gold coin Crypto is among the top gainers now. The majority of its buyers come from the U . s . States.

Please read our detailed article to get at know everything concerning the Panther gold coin and if you should purchase it.

About Panther Gold coin and Cryptocurrency

Panther Gold coin is really a cryptocurrency token by which it’s possible to trade. A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital asset built on the system that’s spread across an enormous quantity of computers. This distributed structure allows them to exist outdoors the regulator of governments and central government bodies.

Pantherswap is definitely an automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM on BSC. In a nutshell, the Panther Gold coin Crypto is operated by Binance Gold coin.

Let’s now check out the specs from the Crypto to know it better.

Specifications of Panther Gold coin

•           The total supply readily available for PantherSwap is nineteen,140,009 right now.

•           Panther Coin’s Market Cap has arrived at over USD 80,500,000.

•           The Panther Coin’s BNB holdings are believed to become 23,500 BNB which is equivalent to over 15 million dollars.

•           The Value Locked has entered the USD 165 million mark and it is rising continuously.

•           The current cost from the gold coin is about $4.8523 per PANTHER. The token’s all-time high was recorded yesterday at $5.487 per PANTHER.

•           Panther Gold coin Crypto has witnessed a 60% gain within the last 24 hrs.

•           The gold coin has proven potentiality.

Buying Panther Gold coin:

1.To begin with, you have to download or install the Trust Wallet, referred to as Smartphone application or MetaMask, which is called the Crypto wallet extension for browsers.

2.Now, purchase BNB or BSC crypto coins with an exchange like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, etc.

3.Extract Binance Gold coin to your Trust Wallet, and open Trust Wallet, then click receive.

4.Copy the wallet address and visit Binance again and paste the copied address within the Recipient’s BNB address. Connect around the Binance Smart Chain and handover it into Trust Wallet before choosing Panther Gold coin Crypto.

5.Clack on Pancakeswap within the Trust Wallet application. Enter the total amount you wish to convert into Panther Gold coin from BNB.

6.In choose the currency field, paste 0x1f546ad641b56b86fd9dceac473d1c7a357276b7 to locate Panther Gold coin.

7.Click Swap and Voila! You simply bought Orfano effectively.

Individuals who wish to offer this crypto currency, can view this video before beginning an offer,


It could appear difficult to purchase and trade cryptocurrency for an individual a new comer to the concept, but the process is worthwhile. We had about Panther Gold coin which is among the trending and top-earning cryptocurrencies within the last 24 hrs.