Did you receive any messages from WhatsApp for Father’s Day? Did you receive any text messages which offer you the unique father’s day present? Recently, a lot of people have received this type of message from Britain. United Kingdom.

The message was sent by the company “Screwfix”. Following the announcement there are many who believe that it’s a fraud. This is why we should discover the truth behind the latest WhatsApp message from the company. We will now concentrate on the Screwfix 44th Anniversary Fraud .

Do you have any information about this fraud?

Many people have received the message as an Father’s Day gift. It was claimed by the company “Screwfix” claimed that the customers will be given their “DeWalt Combi” on the Father’s Day celebration. In honor of”the” Father’s Day event, the scammers sent out a message offering the drill for free.

Many receivers stated their message contained the attached hyperlink. If the receivers click on the hyperlink, it will display the numerous questions. It also asks for personal details. This is the reason why recipients of the message are seeking information on the subject.

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Giveaway

  1. The linked links requested personal details and asked to forward the information to the individual who was known to you.
  2. Because of this, a number of people have passed the message to family members and friends.
  3. The news was broadcast across the nation. Meanwhile, many people who received the message contacted the company, and inquired questions about the story.
  4. In the meantime, the SerewFix Company has posted a publication on their “Twitter” accounts. The tweet clearly stated that the message received by the users did not have any connection to SerewFix. People became aware of the site.

Screwfix 44TH Anniversary Scam

Following our investigation, we inspected the URL to the message. When we click on this link we see it’s Screwfix. Screwfix logo. When we looked it up we found that there are times when the link isn’t working correctly.

The link does not direct users to the website for Screwfix. We also checked for the website that is official to Screwfix. We didn’t find any mention that the company will be offering special deals on Father’s Day. This is enough evidence to show that the information is not genuine and not linked with the business’s Screwfix scam.

Why is the News Circulating?

Many people have received the message. The majority of people have emailed the message to a large number of people. When it was discovered to be fraudulent, a lot of users posted concerning the scam via social media sites. The receivers themselves also confirm their findings with the company. This is one of the main reasons why the data is trending across the board.

The Remedy You Should Follow

At the conclusion, we’ll provide our readers with the steps to be followed in the event that they get this message. The message from Screwfix 44th Anniversary Scam HTML1can be avoided by not going to the website and then eliminating the message.

The entire report and the instructions are reviewed here from trustworthy sources. You can learn more about it by visiting this link. Did you get the link? Comment below.