This article examines the veracity of a tweet trending on Twitter about a famous American rapper’s health issue and reports. Learn more about Are Lil Tjay Paralyzed.

Are you aware of the shocking news of the American rapper who was shot in the past few days? Are you curious to find out whether the information on the web is real? Continue reading to learn the truth about the rapper’s current circumstances.

Fans and followers of hip hop who are from United States, Canada along with those from Canada and United Kingdom are searching for authentic updates concerning the rapper’s health issue. ‘ Is Lil Tjay paralyzed Is Lil Tjay Paralyzed? One of the most popular questions across social platforms. Let’s look up the answer to fan’s queries.

Lil Tjay And Paralysis Rumors

Lil Tjay is a popular American musician, rapper and performer. He was repeatedly shot in a robbery and was seriously injured. The person who shot him, Mohamed Konate, got detained by detectives.

A tweet by an individual mentioned Tjay’s total inability to move. The tweet isn’t from a verified account, and there’s an official statement from the rapper’s representative and family members, or friends. Learn more details about ‘Is Lil Tjay Dead?’

Is The Trending Paralysis Tweet Fake?

  • A Twitter user who goes by the username ‘I Love Sixix9ine Tweeted an update regarding Tjay’s health issue that shocked fans.
  • The tweet that was published on 25th June 2022 states that Tjay is totally paralyzed for the rest of his life.
  • The tweet states that the health update comes by Dr. Raheem Smith.
  • To make it even more shocking to the shock, the tweet stated the fact that his survival rate is 15 percent.
  • There are currently no official statements that can prove the tweet to be authentic. In addition, Lil Tjay’s team members haven’t contacted the media on the issue.

Is Lil Tjay in the Hospital?

  • After the incident and injuries, Lil Tjay was admitted to the hospital on the 22nd June 2022.
  • The reports confirm that the rapper was treated for an emergency procedure.
  • The official update is not available from medical professionals or police authorities.
  • According to reliable sources the rapper was seriously injured after being repeatedly shot. There is no further information available.
  • Edgewater PD and Major Crimes Unites investigate the incident which took place on Wednesday night at midnight.

Lil Tjay’s Bio

  • Lil Tjay was born on 30th April 2001(age 21 years old) and was born in New York City. Learn more about What is the age of Lil Tjay How Old Is Lil Tjay?’
  • The main genres of music performed by Tjay comprised trap, hip-hop, R&B, and drill.
  • Lil Tjay gained popularity following the release of “Resume,” the song from 2018, which was which was then signed by Columbia Records.
  • Tjay released his debut album “True 2 Myself,” that was released in the year 2019.
  • Tjay was raised by a mom, a single parent and his younger brothers throughout his the earliest years of his life.
  • Tjay began performing live performances in the year 2019.

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All the information about the death and paralysis of Lil Tjay seems fake. As a shrewd reader, please wait for official confirmations about Tjya’s condition. To find out more information you can check this page.

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