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Shopping online or via the internet has become commonplace in a variety of countries including those in the United States. However, there are many who use this method because it offers numerous benefits, however, there are also reports of fraud issues. Let us begin an investigation into this website,, in this blog post about Aanshop reviews to inform you of its authenticity.


As per the site that it was launched in 2018 with the intention of selling top-quality clothing, footwear along with other products. According to the website the staff have years of experience with shoes and other merchandise. The staff is also trained and confirms that their products match the needs of the buyer. They also want to provide the best support and service to customers because they believe that every client is important to them.

If you want to know more about the secrets for this portal, you should read the passage below attentively.

Indicating Specifications To Inquire Is Aanshop Legit?

  • Our survey detected as the portal’s URL.
  • There are no address details available.
  • The inaccessibility of the phone number has been confirmed.
  • The customer must return the item in an original package.
  • The site accepts PayPal as well as credit card payments.
  • They will give you a complete reimbursement to the original payment method.
  • The site provides items for footwear, clothing accessories, products and more.
  • Our research revealed that exchange policy threads were not there.
  • We spotted an appearance of icons from social media.
  • The declared email address is
  • The site takes between 7 and 9 working days for delivery.
  • We spotted the newsletter feature.
  • Aanshop Reviews survey Aanshop reviews study found that delivery of the product will take one to three days.
  • The threads discovered that it was posted on 14-06-2022 . It’s only 14 days old.

Pros Discovered

  • The email address has been spotted.
  • Our research revealed the newsletter option.
  • Social networks are readily available.

Flaws Recorded

  • The address for the office and telephone number are not there.
  • Trustpilot’s comments are not as good.
  • The icons listed above redirect you to the social network’s website.
  • A YouTube post tagged the post as a fraud.

Is Aanshop Dubious?

We’ll gather more information about the site in this section to provide you with an approximate idea of the query: Are the owners of Aanshop legitimate? Also, be extra vigilant when following the guidelines below.

  • Website Age Site Age is just 14 days old, and that it was established on 14-06-2022.
  • Credibility ScoreThe results of our research found that it was able to fetch only 11% of the value.
  • Discount DetailsBased on our investigation, the website offers unreliable discounts, showing its desire to steal cash by deceiving customers.
  • Trust Ranking27.1/100 27.1/100 is the amount of value gathered from surveys to determine this factor.
  • Buyers OpinionsThe investigation revealed there were no Trustpilot reviews. However, in an YouTube film, we found one user’s comments that proved the site is fraudulent.
  • The Website’s Expiry DateOur Aanshop Review survey found that on the 14th of June, 2023 the website would go inactive.
  • Alexa RankThis study revealed an 83845 Alexa Rank number.
  • Plagiarization NotificationAccording to an authoritative source, this online store shares an interface with another site. This suggests that this site could be a fake.
  • Policies The policy on refunds and exchanges isn’t properly disclosed which raises several concerns.
  • Social Connections’ PresenceOur study found that the connections direct us to the official site for Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • The Owner’s InfoThe test revealed no string in the same way.

Let us look at the users reviews in the sub-section.

What Are Honest Shoppers’ Aanshop Reviews ?

The inspection revealed that Trustpilot does not have authentic reviews from customers that we can be confident about this website. Furthermore, on the site there were no reviews when we examined. Additionally there was a YouTube reviewer pointed out that the site is an e-commerce scam, however, the reason for saying this didn’t get a mention. This makes the website not suitable to purchase products and examine more information regarding PayPal techniques on this page.

The Bottom Line

We’ve inspected the required indicators to determine the authenticity of So, based on that the Aanshop Review surveys, we have concluded that it is to be a suspect website. Check out this site to read more information on fraudulent credit cards on this page.

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