Have you thought that sunglasses will make you look smarter? Or did you ever imagine that sunglasses will work as a fashion accessory? Yes, you heard it right. Sunglasses are an important fashion accessory of today’s generation. Sunglasses play an important role in framing the overall look of the person. Sunglasses are available in various shapes, sizes, and designs.

When choosing sunglasses, black sunglasses are the safest option to choose. Black is such a colour which suits everyone. The neutral shade goes with every outfit and with almost every mood. In black sunglasses, there are variations of sunglasses that are in shape, size, and design. The glasses are made for men and women and are also unisexual in nature. 

A list of stylish sunnies

There are varieties of sunglasses for men and women. One can pick their favourite sunnies from the list for a bold and stylish summer fashion look. Since people are concerned about fashion looks and want to keep themselves updated. Sunglasses will not only cater to the need of fashion but also they will help to protect the eyes from various factors. Some of the sunnies for this summer are-

  • Cat-eye sunglasses- Cat-eye sunglasses are mainly women’s favourites. The cat-eye style represents bold, fearless, and confident women. Cat-eye sunglasses are bold and stylish and can be worn in any mood. These glasses are available in various sizes and colours. There are funky cat-eye glasses that are mainly suitable for the casuals while there are bold cat-eye sunglasses with different colours that are mainly suitable for any official purpose. Those glasses are mainly worn with formals. The tiny cat-eye sunglasses are funky yet bold and are suitable for almost every purpose.
  • Round sunglasses- Round sunglasses are worn unisexually. They are styled differently with different outfits. Black round glasses can be worn with any light-coloured casuals and all formals. The black rounds are bold and funky but are the smartest among other round sunglasses. The tortoiseshell round always stands out among other sunglasses. The round sunglasses are available with various colour tints and also with various borders. Some have sleek borders and some have broad borders. The round glasses are available in oversized versions.
  • Aviator Sunglasses- The timeless fashion and men’s favourites aviator sunglasses are all set to rock the floor. The aviators have modified themselves according to modern fashion. Aviator sunglasses are old school but they are no longer old school. They are made super stylish by the eyewear industry and have invented more variations of the same aviator sunglasses. These glasses no longer hold the trump card that the aviators are only for men. Now, the women are slaying with aviators and are good competition for men. Women aviators are smaller in size compared to men’s aviators.
  • Oversized sunglasses- Oversized glasses are very famous among youngsters and adults. People love the trend of glasses being oversized, that is, glasses are slightly bigger than regular glasses. They are available in various shapes and sizes and also with various colour tints. These glasses are unisexual, some are funky and some are bold. They are suitable for both formal and informal use.
  • Geometric glasses- Geometric sunglasses are funky and are much suitable for a trip with friends. Whether the trip is a road trip or a trip to a beach during the summers, these are a perfect fit. With different colour tints like blue, red, green, and yellow, these glasses enhance the look of the person. These glasses are also available oversized and with sleek, broad borders and rimless. Thus these glasses are a new trendsetter in the industry.
  • Tortoiseshell glasses- Tortoiseshell sunglasses are bold and sophisticated sunglasses worn unisexually. These glasses are a perfect mood lifter and are suitable for every mood. The square and round tortoiseshell glasses are perfect for men while women slay in the cat-eye tortoiseshell glasses. They can be worn with any outfit and are always a good-to-go fashion accessory. The unique colour combination and pattern of the glasses grab people’s attention whenever and wherever they are worn.
  • Tiny glasses- The revival of tiny glasses have made an impression on the people of the 21st century. These glasses are smaller in size than the usual glasses. The tiny glasses are also available in different shapes and designs. These glasses are unisexual and are mostly worn with casuals. They are being modified from the previous version of the glasses.

The above-mentioned glasses are some of the sunglasses of the 21st century that are trending and setting a new fashion trend. They are not only a perfect fashion accessory but are also the eye-protectors that protect our eyes from harmful rays and the external factors that affect our eyes.