We all love the burst of flavors that brim the vapors that come out of our mods. It enriches the experience and helps to mask the chemical taste of components like nicotine more subtly. But, these fun flavors come at the price of leaving behind traces of the smell in the room till long after may not be quite comfortable.

As the emitted vapors stick to the surfaces in the room, it leaves behind a lingering aroma that may be challenging to get rid of. Vapers often avoid smoking inside rooms for the same reason. But worry not anymore, for we present five proven ways to eliminate vape smell from the room effectively. This way, you can vape anywhere you like without having to stress about covering up your tracks.

1. Change Your Vape Mod For Indoor Use

An obvious solution to avoid brimming your home with the smell of vape is to use your e-cigs outside. You can go to your balcony, lawn, or terrace to calmly enjoy your time with your vape mods. But if you prefer to vape inside your house, then switch to a petite design.

It is always fun to shop mi pod vape products at best rates and invest in a potent mod. But keep in mind that they have an amazing vapor-producing capacity. The large clouds brimming with extravagant flavors will settle in every nook and cranny of the room, making it challenging to clean up. Small vape devices, like sleek vape pens, emit much fewer clouds. They are subtle to vape and easy to clean after, thus making them an appropriate choice for usage inside the house.

2.  Use Scented Products

Covering the vape smell with products with their strong aroma is an effective way of getting rid of it. Products like scented candles and incense can come in handy in this case. These aromatic products contain essential oils that emit naturally overpowering fragrances when lit. It will subtly outweigh the smell from your vape and help you get rid of it. You can choose strong flavors like lavender, jasmine, or a combination of aromatic herbs and spices that can cover the smell. 

Air fresheners are also quite effective in overlapping the vape smell. But the problem is that the effects may not last long and will require you to spray frequently. Also, some air fresheners tend to mix with the vapors in the room and cause an uncomfortable smell.

A simple way to overcome this problem would be to use citrus oil candles. Citrus aromas like lemon and orange are intense and overwhelming. The refreshing smell from these oils can easily overpower the vape and add a pleasant aroma to the room. Close the windows and burn the oil for a few minutes after vaping. Within a few minutes, you will experience the soothing flavors of citrus all around the house. 

3. Deep Clean Your Home

Cleaning up the surfaces that have accumulated vapor particles is the best way to remove the smell from the room. An important point to keep in mind about deep cleaning the surfaces is that you do it immediately before residues such as dust and dirt settle. This way, the job can be done more efficiently.

E-liquid vapors are heavier than particles emitted from smoking tobacco. Therefore, focus on cleaning horizontal surfaces as vapors tend to settle here more than vertical ones.

Start by vacuuming your carper and sofa fabric. Both dry and wet vacuuming can have a powerful impact in removing the particles from the surface. If the smell is strong, try rubbing some baking soda on the fabric before vacuuming to absorb all the odor.

For metal, glass, and furniture, cleaning with a damp cloth should do the trick. The water will dissolve the vape juice molecules and remove them from the surface. For more effective cleaning, add a drop of detergent or cleaning solution to the water.

If you mistakenly left the vapors to settle for too long, then steam cleaning is the best way to eliminate the smell. The process is an effective antidote to remove the vapor deposits from your home surfaces. You can hire a professional steam cleaning crew for this job.

4. Explore Air Purifiers Or Ventilators

Ventilation is the simplest and most effective solution to remove vapor from the room. The more vapor you stop from settling down inside the room, the lesser the chances of the flavors leaving behind a vape smell. Try vaping with your windows open and keep the fans on to remove the air carrying the vapors.

Air purifiers are yet another elegant solution to improvise this process. Unlike fans, air purifiers come with filters that remove the vapors from the room and eliminate bad odor. Standard purifiers designed to clear the air in the room can make a lot of difference in removing the uncomfortable smell. They will purify the air of dust particles, and other suspended matter, leaving the room clean.

If you are a chain vaper, invest in air purifier solutions to eliminate vape odors from the room. They are designed to remove the particles as quickly as possible to minimize droplets setting on different surfaces. They also typically have a larger purification capacity than standards designs, which will ensure the best results.

5. Change Your Vape Juice

Vegetable Glycerin, a primary constituent in vape juices, is the agent used for suspending flavors. E-liquids that contain too much VG produce dense, flavor-brimming vapors. They also capture a large concentration of flavor particles from the liquid that will obviously settle down on every surface in the room. As the VG slowly evaporates from the surface over weeks, the flavor will release and leave behind a lingering vape smell everywhere.

The best way to get rid of the vape smell in the house is to choose liquids that have a predominant ratio of PG or Propylene Glycol. It will keep the suspended flavor particles in check.

Alternatively, you can try vaping e-liquids with no flavors. Unscented e-liquids may not be pleasing to your tongue. But they are the best solution to prevent the room from smelling for days. You can specifically use this liquid while indoors if you are having a difficult time vaping without flavors.


Vapers often face the challenge of having to get rid of the strong vape smell from the room. The vapors that settle on different surfaces make this task almost impossible. Try these five simple hacks that promise to effectively negate the vapor smell and leave a pleasant or neutral aroma trail.