From public farts to Freudian slips, erroneous emails to forgetting someone’s name, we’ve all found ourselves in the middle of an embarrassing situation or two in the past. Maybe you’ve even experienced one today already!

But what’s the protocol when you make a faux pas like this?

Let’s take a look at some common embarrassing moments and how to ensure that you handle them like a pro!

An Attack of the Hiccups 

Hiccups can be embarrassing. Especially if you find yourself hiccupping in a situation where any noise is unwelcome, such as an important work presentation, a wedding, or even worse – a funeral. 

This is when Hiccupops – the world’s first hiccup-stopping lollipop can come in very handy. Thanks to the way they stop the involuntary muscle spasms that cause hiccups in seconds, these great-tasting lollipops work far better than any other dubious hiccup “cures”. 

Wardrobe Malfunctions

It’s a fact that our clothes sometimes let us down. And no one knows this better than the celebrities involved in some of the most embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions ever. 

Most people agree that carrying on whatever you were doing is the best way to deflect any social awkwardness that a nip slip or a torn pair of pants might bring. Although, we’d advise giving your clothes a good test run before you head out to avoid the possibility of a wardrobe malfunction occurring in the first place. 

Public Farting

We might all do it, but breaking wind is best left to our private moments. If, however, you’ve been unable to keep one contained in public, whether or not you own up to it depends on the situation.

If everyone’s eyes turn to you, facing the situation with a simple “excuse me” is the best way to show self-awareness without dragging out the matter. Although, if the source is a little less obvious, say nothing. There’s no need to draw attention to your embarrassing moment if no one knows you’re the culprit. 

Forgetting Someone’s Name

You know their face but you can’t place their name. So do you fess up or do you just keep saying “Hey…you!” every time you see them? In this case, coming clean is always the best option. 

Something simple, such as “Sorry, I’m having one of those days, could you tell me your name again?” often works well. Facing the situation like this allows you to secure the information you need to continue the conversation and say goodbye without any continuing embarrassment. 

Freudian Slips

Said by Freud to reveal our innermost desires, Freudian slips describe verbal memory mistakes. These can include calling your partner by your ex’s name or saying the wrong word. 

Such slips of the tongue rarely go unnoticed, so it’s best to address what you’ve said in the moment. Especially if you’ve called someone by the wrong name. The most likely cause for this is having experienced a similar situation with that person, so make sure to explain that familiarity is the cause rather than any kind of desire – despite what Freud might have thought. 

Try These Tips for Handling an Embarrassing Situation

What’s your go-to reaction in an embarrassing situation like those listed here? 

As these tips show, pretending that nothing happened and hoping that no one noticed can work sometimes, but most often, it’s best to face the situation and own up to your mistakes. 

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