Making money from online betting India is totally possible even if you are a newbie if you follow the detailed step-by-step instructions below.

1. Choose the game to bet

You need to clearly determine which form of online gambling you want to make money from. There are many games at the bookmakers such as sports betting, casino games, mini games, slot games… All of them bring attractive rewards and can be withdrawn to your bank account. Just choose a game you are familiar with to increase your odds of winning.

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2. Choose online betting site in India

1 or 2 reputable bookies are the next thing you need to look for. This step is very important. A good bookmaker means that you do not need to worry about being scammed, can participate in betting on many games as well as enjoy many attractive promotions. A list of best online betting sites in India can be found at This list is reliable because it is compiled by gambling experts from many reputable sources.

3. Sign up online betting India bookies

Sign up for an account at the bookie and find out their policies. In general, the policies of the bookmakers are quite similar. You just need to be careful to avoid being locked out of your account and losing money due to breaking the law.

4. Do your research on online betting India

Online betting India market includes many different betting games. There are some outstanding sports that are very popular in India such as cricket and Kabaddi. You need to choose a game or a familiar sport to start your betting journey. Learn about odds, bonuses, cashback and tips.

5. Stick to one game

Don’t be greedy, play a game until you master it. This is important because experience can only be accumulated through actual experience. Even if you read a lot of tips, practicing them will help you understand how to handle each situation. If in doubt, you can also try several different games but remember to stick to only one game if you want to make money from gambling.

6. Start with small bet

Don’t bet high on matches you’re not sure about. Start with small or free bets to gain experience. Do not be fooled because the bets have too attractive odds, the higher this ratio means the lower the probability of the player winning money. Especially for a newbie like you.

7. Know when to stop

You need to set a budget for gambling and know when to stop. Never try to continue playing in the hope of winning the next game. Many people lose not because they don’t win, but because they don’t know when to stop gambling. When your mentality is not stable, the win rate will be lower. Just stop and try your luck next time.Making money with online betting India is not too difficult for newbies but you have to be patient and learn well before you start gambling.