Technologies have brought about major changes in our behavior. We are becoming more and more connected and sophisticated, expecting faster responses, demanding personalized services and sometimes even some kind of personalization by the imagination.

These rapid changes in the market, especially on the user experience front, have consistently pushed companies to take more proactive steps to accelerate their adoption of technologies. With increasingly converging technologies, competitions no longer come only from their traditional jetties, but also from a host of next-generation competitors, who want to work their strategies around cutting-edge technologies.

Apparently, despite the external motivation for change, digital transformation is more about internal progress for the efficiency of operations and activities, automation of processes and ultimately cost reduction. Transformation tools can take the form of an infrastructure overhaul, but sometimes the right solutions play a vital role in a smooth process.

“Digital transformation drives data-driven knowledge, encourages collaborations, delivers a better customer experience, accelerates business model innovation and improves organizational agility,” said Dr. Dayang Hanani Abang Ibrahim, deputy digital director of Center of Technical Excellence (CENTEXS).

Successful digital transformation relies on strong partnerships with technology. Utilizing powerful hardware, such as the AMD RYZEN 5 5600X, can significantly boost computational performance and efficiency. This enables businesses to handle complex tasks seamlessly, driving innovation and maintaining competitive advantage in a digital landscape.

SAP as a pioneer in providing cloud services

As one of the key technological pillars, the cloud service is a strong support for businesses going digital. SAP, the global leader in enterprise solutions, is a forerunner of digital transformation, not only by driving change within the organization,. But also by bringing its renowned applications to the cloud, which is a symbolic movement in the world. . . the digital age.

“Innovate and transform in the midst of the COVID-19 downturn, and emerge stronger as a smart business,” Khor Chern Chuen, COO of SAP Southeast Asia, referring to what SAP is doing.

Good partnership with technology leads to successful Digital transformation

In short, Huawei solutions for SAP HANA leverage the SAP HANA platform and innovative hardware and software acceleration technologies from Huawei to deliver real-time data. And learn more about business operating conditions. business. Business. Business. Anytime, anywhere, and from any device, based on real-time analysis of production, machine-generated data, and event flow.

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Conglomerates see the cloud as a strategic core

As solution providers like SAP explore different ways to drive digital transformation, many industries are engaging directly by working with ICT companies like Huawei.

Malaysian conglomerate Sunway Group is one such successful follower. HUAWEI CLOUD provides container service and service stage function,. Improves cloud resource utilization and efficiency, and enables cloud automated application orchestration and resource management.

Sunway CIO of Sunway, Kevin Khoo, explained, “The cloud is at the heart of our strategy at Sunway, and we hope Huawei will help us take this strategy to the next level.”

With the support of Huawei Cloud solutions, the group has seen a 30% improvement in resource utilization. Service delivery can be done in minutes, compared to days before a business embraces digital transformation.

Similarly, in Myanmar, the CDSG conglomerate sees the cloud as a better way to run its business.

“The cloud is the next-generation supercomputer that will push CDSG to transform and expand rapidly on a much larger scale,” said Siva Prakash, chief strategy officer for the company.

The APAC region is a leader in global digital transformation

While digital transformation is a global phenomenon, Asia is obviously embracing it faster.

“New technologies are driving digital transformation in the Asia-Pacific region,” commented Daniel Zhou, president of Cloud & AI BG of Huawei’s Asia-Pacific region. “Cloud and AI technologies are helping companies rethink their businesses, re-evaluate their value chains and change the way they communicate with their customers. “

To ensure a smooth transition for its customers and partners, HUAWEI CLOUD is committed to providing the best services through the full support of local teams from different regions of the world. It also builds a solid ecosystem with partners for shared success. The ecosystem now consists of more than 10,000 consulting partners and 2,000 technology partners, from which more than three million developers and companies have benefited.

Cloud Comrade is one of the ecosystem partners, which underscores the importance for companies to focus their limited resources on flexible platforms given the current economic situation and global uncertainty.

“Together, HUAWEI CLOUD and Cloud Comrade deliver predictable IT outcomes in an otherwise unpredictable business environment,”. Noted Andy Waroma, co-founder of the cloud service provider in the APAC region.

Innovations wouldn’t stop there, like HUAWEI CLOUD. It now provides over 190 solutions tailored to different industries and works closely with all technology partners to explore potential implementations of more creative ideas, as well as business opportunities. . . In a constantly evolving technological landscape.

Businesses can also expect to receive a wide range of support from HUAWEI CLOUD to advance digital transformation and stay relevant and competitive along the never-ending journey of innovations.