The half-erased inscription in Florence’s Basilica, di Santa Croce, inspired this exquisite san serif design, Publisher. TT Ricordi Allegria was illustrated by Antonina Zhulkova and depicted the transitional stage between the Florentine sans serif and the classic serif with varied proportions, leaning toward the Roman capital type. The font characteristics include variation in character proportions, the contrast between strokes, wedge-shaped triangular characters, and a lack of conventional serifs.

Three display heading antiques make up the TT Ricordi font family, which was created to greatly vary the existing font options. As a result, all three typefaces are used for the uppercase set and the small capitals set, which takes the place of lowercase letters, and are comparable in character composition and thickness. The fonts support both basic Cyrillic and a wide range of Latin languages.

Features of  TT Ricordi Allegria Font

The typeface’s complexity and versatility allow for dramatic changes in the appearance and perception of the typeface by utilizing several style sets. The primary set’s characters are drawn with precision, giving the typeface a severe appearance as if the text within it were chiseled out of stone. And with the aid of a different set, we may give the font a rounded or smooth appearance. This is because the letters from the second group (E R K Q J Y in Latin and K in Cyrillic) have either pronounced “curls” or smooth, rounded “legs.” The typeface also comes with a collection of lovely ligatures for usage in display inscriptions like big headings.

Two strengths (Regular and Bold) and one changeable font make up TT Ricordi Allegria. Each style has 19 OpenType features and more than 750 characters. Three style sets that significantly alter how the font is seen, a set of colorful display ligatures, and a few well-designed icons that can be used to break up text and highlight the visual language of the typeface are all interesting characteristics of the typeface.

Benefits of TT Ricordi Allegria Font

The TT Ricordi Allegria Sans Serif Font is a DEMO font with some glyphs missing and is only to be used for PERSONAL USE. However, we appreciate every single donation. TT Ricordi is a chic modern Antiqua that stubbornly clings to its historical roots. The typeface ended up being vibrant and appealing while also being delicate and nuanced, like a thistle flower. Marina created the drawing for TT Ricordi Allegria, and the inscription on the altar from the National Gallery of Umbria in Perugia served as the project’s initial source of inspiration. The font radically changed as it was drawn into “contemporaneity,” revealing its brand-new aspect.

The forceful and rather acute diagonal serif fonts are the most eye-catching feature of the TT Ricordi Allegria. Additionally, as the font was being developed, several graphic solutions appeared, such as mono-serifs and the highly calligraphic linkages between diagonal strokes and their historical spirit. We decided to maintain them, and as a result, the font gained four themed visual groupings, which significantly altered how people see it. The font also includes a collection of intriguing discrete ligatures.