CBD has been shown to have many amazing benefits for your health. Some studies show that CBD can reduce pain and directly treat inflammation and anxiety, too, which makes it not only extremely fun but also very practical!

Unfortunately, there is some stigma around CBD thanks to its association with cannabis, but this is thankfully fading as time goes on. 

Nowadays, people are looking toward using CBD-infused drinks like those offered by Bimble in addition to inhalation, topical application, ingestion, and even sublingual routes to consume CBD.

If you want to try CBD and learn about the amazing effects it can have, read on!


If you want to avoid the additives usually found in edibles, sublingual products might be the best option for you! While it’s still completely safe, regular CBD consumers will not typically think of using this method at first.

You may purchase CBD tinctures if you are looking to take CBD sublingually. To use it in this way, you must place a couple of drops of the tincture underneath your tongue and then hold it in your mouth for around 30 seconds before you swallow.

A tincture is a solution created by soaking cannabis flowers in alcohol or oil. It is usually seen in oils, sprays, and even lozenges.

The key is to allow the product to absorb under your tongue instead of letting it flow through the digestive tract. This will also preserve a lot more of the CBD effects.

It’s pretty discreet and will do wonders for ensuring immediate feelings of relaxation and calmness!

Ingestion (Edibles)

Edibles are one of the most highly recognized and popular ways of consuming CBD all around the world. From brownies to lollies or even gummies, there are so many different ways that CBD is ingested — all with their very own benefits!

Not only are these quite tasty but they are also a very discreet method of consuming CBD. this is especially true if you are planning to have a dose while you are in a public setting such as at work or in a shopping mall.

Referencing what we mentioned above, gummies are not just a fan favorite way of consuming CBD among customers, but also among manufacturing companies. As a result, this type of edible continues to dominate the CBD market as it currently stands.

If you aren’t a big fan of the taste of an edible by itself, you can add a little bit of CBD oil to your food.

Inhalation (Smoking/Vaping)

Inhaling CBD is arguably the fastest way to enjoy all of its effects. Like ingesting in the form of sweet goods, inhalation is also a very popular way of consuming CBD. 

After you inhale CBD it will travel directly into your lungs and then into your bloodstream which creates an almost instantaneous feeling of euphoria and relaxation for the majority of consumers. The overall reaction will depend on their sensitivity to such substances.

You can smoke using a sort of oil rig that closely resembles a pipe or even rolling a joint that contains high-CBD cannabis. However, there is still one alternative.

Rather than smoking CBD, vaping is a much easier and clearer alternative to directly inhaling CBD. Much like smoking, vaping CBD has a nearly immediate effect on the human body. 

Plus, it tends to directly enter the bloodstream without the need of waiting to be completely digested through both the liver and the intestines.

Topical Application (Balms/Creams)

If none of the above methods of consuming CBD work for you, there are plenty of topical CBD products on the market for you to try! This type of application involves using CBD ointments, balms, transdermal patches, lotions, and even some creams directly on the surface of your skin.

It works best for skin conditions, sore muscles, and migraines and provides concentrated relief to a particular source of pain. 

All you need to do is add some topical CBD to any sore areas on your body and it will alleviate some of the tenderness you are feeling. If you have a bad migraine, feel free to massage CBD topical creams onto your temples. 

Feel free to opt for a product containing additional analgesics like camphor, menthol, or capsaicin to enhance the therapeutic effect of this method.


There are multiple different ways to consume CBD but these are some of the most popular and most commonly used. We hope you now have a greater understanding of the methods people use to ingest CBD.